What Things Need to Move Into Storage While You’re Moving


What Things Need to Move Into Storage While You're MovingIt doesn’t matter if you are moving across town or across country; it is the same process of packing up and moving out. In considering what to put into storage, you need to ask yourself some questions. How much stuff are you moving? How long will it be before you are ready to unpack? How long will it be before you move and what can you do without before then? The answers to these questions are intertwined.


Items to Place in Storage

Will all of your stuff be going into your new place? If certain items will be in storage for a prolonged period of time, you will need to access what you can do without. Items that usually remain in the back of the cupboard are already essentially in storage. They just need to be packed. Other items like that extra set of china, unread volumes of books, seasonal clothing, sentimental items and those large pieces of furniture that are infrequently used; all can go into storage.


How far away is your moving date? Is it months away or next week? If you have time, you can add even more items into storage. It’s amazing what we find we can actually do without, at least for a while. You need to access your lifestyle and your daily living needs. What are the bare essentials you can’t live without?


Items to Keep Until Moving Day

The bed you sleep in or the kitchen appliances that you use everyday need to go with you on moving day. However, even this is an individual decision. Some may insist on moving with their ironing board, while some are good with just a microwave. Cable can be transferred through www.cable-tv.com.


Moving Day

Keep in mind that moving is a messy process. Your lifestyle will be interrupted. You may even be embarking into a new lifestyle. To survive, you may need to embrace the mess. It may be an adventure to go without the microwave for a few days. It may even be fun to sleep on the sofa for a night or two.

Remember the rule of thumb about your moving day: pack a suitcase of clothes and toiletries you will need for one week. Think of it as if you were going on a week’s trip. Then put this suitcase in the car with you. Don’t let it get lost in the chaos.

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