Ways in Which Removalists Make Office Moves Easy

During a recent move, we decided to use professional removalists. This decision saved us time, money and a heap of stress. Moving on our own would have shut us down for over a week, but the removalists were able to make the move quicker and more efficient than we could have just using our team. We were moving to a bigger space, but from company relocations in the past, we already knew that downsizing to a smaller office could cause just as many headaches. Instead, we hired experienced professional removalists who packed and moved our desks, chairs and even computers.

Once we had arrived at the new location, they unpacked each and every box. All of the furniture and electronics were carefully wrapped and packed, and then unpacked and unwrapped with the utmost care. Moving all of our paper documents would have been almost impossible without professional help. Because they contain personal information, it was important to use to keep our files safe a secure. Professional removalists have been trained to adhere to a high standard with a high level of discretion, including ensuring private files are always kept secure.

We enlisted the help of the removalist company early on in the planning process, and they participated in planning the move. We were able to learn from their experience, and properly plan the move. This means we were also able to keep the interruption to our operation to a minimum. Since it was a large move, it was done over multiple days. The entire move was prioritised, in order to minimise our downtime. Each day, I knew which of our departments would be running, and which resources we would have access to. Taking a complete inventory of our equipment and furniture, loading it office-by-office, and ensuring it was unloaded as planned resulted in a successful move. The removalists worked according to the prepared plan, unpacking the most important things first. The receptionist desk was quickly put in place for scheduling appointments and our most vital functions were restored within a few hours.

Partnering with professional removalists allowed us to continue operating at near-normal levels during the relocation. They understood the importance of keeping our income flowing, and showed us that the less time you spend moving, the more quickly your company is back to operating as normal. It could have easily taken us weeks to move our office, and months more to reorganise and get back to full speed. I had estimated between three and six months of working at only partial capacity. Instead, it was less than a week before we were back.

Because the movers were available on days we are closed, we actually didn’t have a single day when we had to close completely due to the move. Employees didn’t have to miss work, and clients weren’t inconvenienced. On the surface, it seemed cheaper to hire our own lorry and move the office on our own. In the end, though, we saved both time and money by hiring a removalists service company to handle the job. They streamlined the move, and made it the most cost-effective way to relocate our business. View here for more about removalist services.

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