Ways a Self-Storage Unit Can Make Your Move Easier

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There’s no need to emphasize the fact that moving is not exactly what you’d call a stress-free process. Also, there’s no need to accept that as the complete truth. Most of the articles you’ll find out there start with an introduction dedicated to why a single relocation can push you a bit toward losing your hair. Come to think about it, this intro kind of resembles the ones we singled out as negative. That being said, we’ll stop right here. Wondering what the ways a self-storage unit can make your move easier are? If so, continue reading!

Self-storage makes you feel less of a hoarder

Imagine you have to move out of your apartment a week or two before you can move in into your new crib. Of course, crashing at your friend’s place seems like a good idea. Let’s add to the picture all the things you have to move to your new home. Now, that’s where self-storage solution comes in handy. Just so you don’t fill out all the free space your friend’s place has to offer with your belongings, it’s good to find a storage space near you where they will sit for two weeks. Until you can finally move in into your new home, that is. 

Step-by-step adaptation

Another way a self-storage unit can make your move easier is concerned with the pace you’re moving into your new place. Oh, that kind of rhymes! Anyway, by renting a self-storage unit, you’re able to move in step-by-step. Otherwise, your stuff would come all at once to your new address. That can be pretty confusing. Of course, it’s the way most people move in. Still, why would you miss out on a chance to take it a bit slower? You’ll be more focused, and you might notice you don’t need some of the stuff you’ve moved. Opening up free space in your new apartment will have a positive effect on your mental health. 


While we’re at it, let’s further elaborate on the decluttering part. Putting your stuff in self-storage will enable you to think about how you want to arrange the inventory of your new home. You might come to the idea of introducing minimalism as your space arrangement philosophy. More and more folks around the US are adopting this way of arranging their homes. You might have heard that old saying: less is more. Well, that’s pretty much the definition of the concept. 

Additional storage tip #1: How to store fragile items?

We’ll try to be quick here. You might wonder what’s the best way to pack and store fragile items. It’s most important you handle breakables the right way. You’re going to need a good supply of packing materials (cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, etc.) For some items, like electronics, finding their original boxing will do the trick. Use smaller boxes to pack glass objects, and make sure you fill out all the empty spaces inside those boxes with a lot of bubble wrap. Also, never put boxes containing fragile items on the bottom. 

Got enough time to travel a bit?

Going back to the scenario we’ve mentioned at the beginning. Let’s say you have some spare time on your hands between moving out of the old apartment and moving into your new one. With your stuff safely stored in a self-storage unit, you can even go on a short holiday. Of course, if your job allows such freedom. Anyway, there are many other options that renting a self-storage unit gives you. Let’s see them.

There are more important things to focus on

Let’s skip the moving-with-kids-is-stressful part and cut right to the chase. There’s a lot of essential things one must think of when moving. Kids are just one of them. By storing your stuff inside a self-storage unit, you’ll have more time to focus on other important things a relocation consists of, not just worry about the condition of your belongings. 

Additional storage tip #2: Rent a climate-controlled storage unit

To be entirely sure none of your belongings are at risk of getting damaged by forces you cannot control (weather conditions, for example), make sure you rent a climate-controlled storage unit. At least that’s what the folks at posmoving.com recommend. Making sure your stuff is safe from the effects of harsh weather conditions should be your top priority. If you can’t afford to rent climate-controlled storage, you can add a thick layer of plastic to your unit’s floor. That’s the budget solution for preventing mold and all other nasty stuff.

Deal with thing you use less often first

Before you start packing your stuff (and here are some tips on the subject), you should make a plan. Being organized is the key to success. That stands for whatever a person chooses to do. You can pack all the non-essentials first and store them in a self-storage unit (see here to choose a self storage unit size). That way, you’ll clear up some space and enjoy a good time packing the rest. Other items won’t stand in your way. Consequently, this makes you feel less stressed out about the whole ordeal. 

Final words

These were all the ways a self-storage unit can make your move easier. By following our advice and renting out a self-storage unit (a climate-controlled one, if possible), you’ll guarantee your stuff stays safe and out of your way while you’re preparing for the moving day. Also, self-storage units are great because you can ensure a step-by-step adaptation to your new home with them. 

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