Warning Signs When Selecting a Storage Unit

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Renting a storage unit is usually the best call when you need a storage solution. Putting your belongings into a unit is quick, easy, and typically quite safe. However, sometimes storage facilities aren’t reliable, which can cause you a lot of trouble. To help you avoid this mistake, we have put together a list of warning signs when selecting a storage unit.

Bad security

When selecting a storage unit, the first and clearest warning sign is weak security. Fences and gates outside the facility, security cameras, and locks on individual units are a baseline of any good facility’s security. If the place you’re considering doesn’t have some or even none of these, consider looking elsewhere. The safety of your items should be your top priority. Preferably, the storage facility you rent from should have individual alarms on every unit, proper lighting, and gates with access codes. After all, while storage insurance is important, the best option is for it to go unused.

The facility already has water damage

When looking through the building, pay attention to any signs of water damage. If there is already water damage in the facility, chances are there will be more. And if the owner hasn’t bothered to fix it yet, they probably won’t bother the next time. So, before you start thinking about how to organize your storage unit, make sure you rent from a provider who cares about maintaining their building. Water damage can be hazardous, as it can cause mold and other issues. In addition, if you notice the facility is generally dirty and not well maintained, consider looking for a different one. While moisture is the most dangerous, other issues with cleanliness shouldn’t be ignored either.

You can’t contact the manager

If any sort of issue occurs, your point of contact is the property manager. Yet another red flag is being unable to get contact information for the manager. To put it clearly, this means that the facility’s owner doesn’t care about what happens to your items. If there is a break-in, a fire, a flood, or any other issue that can damage items within the facility, the manager is responsible for it. If they don’t offer their contact information freely, they are likely looking for a way to avoid responsibility if anything happens. Alternatively, if you’re already renting storage and the manager refuses to communicate with you about such issues, maybe it’s time to find a new provider. This is the best sign it’s time to change your storage facility.

You don’t get to see the storage unit before renting

Going hand in hand with the previous warning sign when selecting a storage unit. If the owner doesn’t let you inspect the unit before you rent it, they are likely trying to hide problems. With that said, you should never rent from a storage provider that doesn’t let you inspect their facility beforehand. Before you decide about renting, you need to check the unit in person. If you’re asked to sign any contracts before seeing the unit, it is best to look for a different storage provider.

There is no pest control

If you want to store anything long-term, the last thing you want is to have pests destroy it. As such, when considering a storage unit, you should ask if the facility has regularly scheduled pest control. Rodents and insects can cause a lot of damage, so if the facility doesn’t ensure the storage units are free of infestations, you’re better off looking for another one. After all, you don’t want to pay good money for safekeeping your valuable possessions only to find them in shambles the next time you need them.

Bad reviews

Another clear warning sign is when the storage provider has overwhelmingly bad reviews online. When you find a storage company you are interested in, you should first check all of their reviews and testimonials. This is an easy way to immediately tell if the company is reliable or trustworthy. If most of the reviews are negative, you should probably keep searching. Of course, it can be a bit difficult to decide based only on reviews because fake ones are not that uncommon. As such, you should be careful even when the reviews are positive and carefully inspect the unit before deciding. However, if you’re forced to rent from a sketchy company, for whatever reason, you might want to bring a stronger lock for the storage unit just in case.

Final words on the warning sign when selecting a storage unit

Renting a storage unit is the quickest and easiest way to protect your belongings in many situations. When moving or remodeling, when you simply have to get some items out of your way or store things long-term. But some storage facilities are not trustworthy or safe for your possessions or even yourself. We hope you found this list of warning signs when selecting a storage unit helpful, and we wish you luck with your search.

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