Using Self Storage for Business

When you think about self storage you typically think about storing some of the things that are overrunning your home, but you can also use self storage for your business. While it may not seem like it from the outset, self storage is actually a great way to accomplish a couple of different things business wise.

  • Store Documents: Many companies have the need to store documents that date back several years. While you may start off using an empty office, these files can quickly build. You can save office space and still keep the required documents stored with a smaller self storage unit.
  • Store Equipment: There are times when a business may buy new office equipment, but not necessarily due to the old office equipment being defective. In this occurance, you probably want to sell the old equipment and until you do, you can keep it all in a self storage unit. This gives you time to find the right buyer and keeps the excess equipment out of your way.
  • Store Excess Inventory: Maybe you work from home and you sell things online. Maybe you sell things retail and have a nice sized warehouse. Whatever the case may be, there will be a time where your inventory exceeds your space. In this instance, a self storage unit is just what the doctor ordered. You can take your entire excess inventory to the storage unit and organize it how you see fit. Many storage unit facilities will even allow you to put up shelves if you get permission first.

Best of all, all the fees that you pay towards the self storage unit for your business are more than likely tax deductable. As you can see, self storage units are not just for your personal things anymore and you too can use them to help your business maximize its potential.

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