Using Portable Storage Units to Move Yard Equipment

Portable storage units are handy when moving, that’s a fact. You don’t have to wait for moving day. Your portable storage unit is right in your driveway ready to accept the boxes as you pack them. They save time, energy and a lot of aggravation.

One issue that always pops up when moving from one house to another is how to pack the lawn equipment, tools and garage items. There are a few facts to consider when packing the lawn equipment and garage components.

Make sure everything is clean before you attempt to pack it. Wash all tools with plain water or a product intended for cleaning greasy tools. Make sure to spray the lawnmower, weed eater and other equipment well to remove all dirt and grass from beneath its moving parts. If not, when your unpacking your belongings in your new home you’ll also be unpacking the grass trimmings from your old house.

Drain all the equipment of gas, oil and any other hazardous liquid it takes to run. Dispose of these liquids in an ethical manner or store them in safe containers for the move. Make sure gas and oils are in a proper container manufactured for this type of fluid and store in a cool, dry area. Don’t forget the garden hose when you’re draining things. Hang the hose from a clothesline or over a chair to make sure all the water is drained out before packing it with the rest of your belongings to prevent damage.

Tape, tie or otherwise bind all yard and garden tools together. This prevents them from sliding around during the move and potentially damaging other belongings. It also helps to keep things organized during the unpacking process.

Moving the lawn and garden equipment doesn’t have to be a big chore. A few simple chores can save a lot of time and money in the long run.

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