Using Containers to Move

Moving is a huge process and can take a lot of time to plan especially if you have a large household or are moving to a faraway area. Even though moving takes a lot of planning, it can be a new adventure for the family and is something to get excited about. If you are planning an upcoming move and need somewhere to store your personal belongings, consider renting a unit from PODS. You may be wondering what sets PODS aside from a traditional storage unit company and the answer is, everything.

PODS come in multiple sizes to fit any size home and lifestyle. You are definitely able to fit everything from an efficiency size apartment to a large 5 bedroom family home into a PODS unit. Using this type of storage is also beneficial because the price is affordable and you can access your items at any time. Unlike a traditional storage facility, your POD is located right in your front yard or driveway. This means that you have access to your items and know that they are safe. You can easily load up the unit by walking right out your door and placing your items inside. This minimizes all of the gas and time wasted commuting between home and a storage facility.

Another reason you should consider using PODS for your moving needs is because they deliver the unit right to your home and transport it to your new home. Once you call PODS, you can arrange a time for your unit to be dropped off. The unit will be placed in a convenient location and when you are ready to move, simply call PODS and they will pick up the unit and move it to your new home. After you have unloaded it, they will return to take the unit back to their facility.

Lastly, PODS are safe and secure to store your belongings. In addition to being easily accessible, PODS units are weather resistant and can actually withstand high wind speeds in the event of a bad storm. You never have to worry about your belongings becoming wind or water damaged. The front door on the POD unit is metal and rolls in an upward motion for easily accessibility. Lastly, you can place a padlock on your unit so that only you and the people you trust can access the inside of the unit.

PODS are the perfect resource for moving and many people have been extremely happy using this service. The units are large enough to comfortably fit all of your belongings inside without worrying about them getting crushed or damaged. Moving is an exciting time and you do not need to worry about the hassle of traveling back and forth from a traditional storage facility and wondering how your items are going to get from point A to point B.

Choosing to useĀ PODS for all of your moving needsĀ is a great idea and you will be happy to know that you can sit back and relax knowing your items are safe and being sent to your new home.

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