Unpacking Your Storage Unit: 5 Essentials

Moving stuff out of storage is never fun. Hanging out with your friends while moving may be enjoyable, but the actual act of moving — manhandling heavy boxes, figuring out how to compress your memory foam mattress into something manageable and carrying furniture up and down stairs — isn’t fun. Fortunately, there are tools you can use to make the process easier. Here are the top 5 must-haves to help make your move out of a storage unit a quick and easy one.

Storage unit photo by tzmartin via Flickr.

Hand trucks and dollies

Depending on your age and physique, you may take pride in being able to lift super-heavy items with ease. For everyone else who does not fit this description there is the dolly. Dollies allow you to pick up heavier items and wheel them from the unit to your vehicle — which is often much easier and safer for you.


Blankets and pads are imperative. They’re used to keep your items from getting scraped in transit. The floor of a moving truck can be rough on your antique dresser, but with a blanket you can slide it in and out without doing damage. Blankets are also useful to avoid getting dirt and dust on your things as well as holding everything — such as all the drawers — in place.


Heavy-duty gloves are important to protect your hands during your move. Gloves help you to work harder and faster because you can grip sharp edges and dirty items without fear. They also protect your hands from accidents. These may be a semi-expensive purchase, but they can be used for other activities later, making them an essential.

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Moving Straps

A good set of straps is something that will come in handy repeatedly during your move from the unit. Straps are designed to securely hold your items down. With hooks on each end, you can secure the strap around something like a dryer, or desk and then ratchet it down until the strap is secure, with no wiggle room. This allows you to safely move large items, according to MovingToday.com.

Longer straps are really useful if you are moving with a pickup truck. Before you hit the road, secure straps over the top of your things — like a memory foam mattress or a sofa with pillows — and ratchet them down. This will keep things from blowing out or getting dislodged when you hit bumps or come to a sudden stop.

Mover’s Plastic Wrap

This stuff is fantastic when you need to keep items together, whether big or small. It comes in rolls of various sizes, some of which are large enough to wrap a large armchair or a couch. The wrap comes off easily as well, leaving no residue, according to Lifehacker.com. You will be amazed at all the uses you find for plastic wrap, such as securing drawers, binding cords and placing over the top of things like jewelry racks.

Taking your stuff out of storage is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be too hard, either. Use these tools to help with your move, and stay safe in the process.

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