Uncle Bob’s Storage is a True One Stop Shop

Anytime that storage is needed there is likely a need for more than just a storage unit and that’s where facilities like Uncle Bob’s Storage can prove helpful. Uncle Bob’s Storage not only offers storage units of all sizes and dimensions, but they also offer you a great deal more when it comes to moving and storing your possessions.

To start with, Uncle Bob’s Storage is there to answer any questions you have in regards to what type and size storage unit you will need. You can choose to call them toll free or take advantage of their live chat option that is on their website. Either way, you will be connected with a professional customer service member who will help you decide what is right for you.

Another nice feature with all Uncle Bob’s Storage facilities is the fact that they have moving trucks that can be leased. While this is not all that unusual, what is different from many other storage facilities is the fact that Uncle Bob’s Storage allows you to use a moving truck for free if you are just moving your things into storage. This saves you time and money.

Uncle Bob’s Storage also has a full line of moving boxes and moving supplies. That means you don’t have to drive all over the place in search of moving supplies as it will all conveniently be contained at the facility you use.

They also stay with the times and encourage you to do the same. They offer a certain percentage off for using their services online and they even offer a mobile app for your smartphone.

Moving and storing your things can be a taxing experience. This is made much easier with a storage facility like Uncle Bob’s Storage. With Uncle Bob’s Storage you get a true one stop shop for all your moving and storage needs.

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