Tips for Moving to a Bigger Home

Moving to a bigger home or apartment is exciting- one gets the sense of stretching their legs AND moving up in the world. The transformation from a small residence to a larger one can cause some growing pains. Here are give tips  that’ll help guide you through the process of moving to a bigger home.

1. Hold off on New Furniture, Decoration, Etc.

You finally have space for more furniture, decorations, etc! It can be tempting to want to fill all the space up at once with new items, but there are two big problems with filling up the space asap. One, if you buy a bunch of stuff before your moving day, it can add on a large cost for moving charges and fees. Not to mention it adds no extra stress and work for yourself due to the fact you have to worry about even more stuff! The second problem is that it can be hard to gauge exactly what you need until you are unpacked and settled in. Although it can be tempting to buy a bunch of items, it is wise to wait for a little bit if at all possible.

2. Calculate Utilities and other Expenses

A bigger house=bigger utilities. Sometimes a bigger house also means moving to an area with higher cost of living. Research and calculate how much extra you may be spending a month, so that you can budget accordingly.

3. Don’t Spread Out for the Sake of Spreading Out

Having naked rooms feels somewhat strange, but we don’t want to end up like a sprawling suburb within our home. It is okay to leave some space empty until you figure out how to utilize it. Heck,

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4. Sketch Out How you Want the Rooms to be Laid Out (Eventually)

Plan out exactly how you want to fill out the rooms with things you have and don’t have. This will help you decide what you can actually fit into all this extra space that you now have! If you have to wait to get new items, it will give you a fun activity to feed the excitement (and impatience!).

5. Plan on How/When you Want to Take Items Out of Storage

If you have items that are in storage that you can finally get out of there, if at all possible wait until after everything is unpacked to do so. Moving is a lot of work, so you don’t want to put too much on your plate if at all possible. If you have to take self storage items out immediately plan what you are going to do with them in your new home. We recommend just putting everything in one area until you have time to deal with these excess items.

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