Moving furniture into storage protects it from damage while it’s not in use and frees up space in your home. Here are three tips on how to store your furniture safely and easily.Three Helpful Tips for Easily and Safely Storing Furniture

1. Prepare Your Furniture for the Move

Make a list of everything you are going to move. Update it as you add items or decide to keep certain furniture pieces at home.

Clean every item of furniture before you store it. Wipe down surfaces with a cloth. Make sure there is no food stuck to anything or hidden in the folds of your upholstered pieces. Have the drapery cleaned before you hang it in its own breathable bag.

Use appropriate cleaners for your glass, metal, wood and plastic items. You can oil the wood furniture before you put it away for a long time. After cleaning and oiling, leave each item in an area with good air circulation until it is completely dry before packing and moving it.

2. Pack and Wrap

Disassemble furniture when possible before moving and storing it. This makes heavy furniture easier to handle. Take the legs off tables and cabinets. Remove the drawers from dressers. The drawers can be packed with smaller items and reinserted into the dresser once it’s in storage.

Remove lamp shades and light bulbs from lamps. This substantially reduces the risk of breakage. Wrap fragile lamps in bubble wrap or cloth. Small, breakable items can also be boxed up for further protection in the move.

3. Organize Your Storage Unit

There are two organizing principles to keep in mind as you go. According to storage units in Pearl, MS one is to move the largest, heaviest items into place first. They need the most room. Afterwards, you can find spaces for everything else. The large items will provide a base for lighter items.

The second principle is access. If your furniture is in storage for some time, you may want to retrieve items now and then. Set aside everything you are likely to want to use. Add these pieces to the storage unit last, toward the front and on top of everything else. That way they’ll be easy to reach. Conversely, put the big, heavy items you don’t need all the way to the back.

If you have furniture you want to keep but aren’t using, you can keep it safe and protected in climate-controlled self-storage units. You can find at