Things to Do Before You Move

Create a checklist

Create a checklist at least two months before your intended day of moving, this would give you ample time to complete all the Things To Do and make the actual moving as smooth as it can be and hassle free.

Your checklist should have the following listed to enable you to go through and tick it off when you accomplish them.

Two months to move

1) Make a moving folder

Make a folder with every detail given below as a checklist that would help you until D-Day or moving day and even thereafter when you have arrived safely at your new home.

This folder would contain all receipts, estimates and other related documents pertaining to you rmove from the present location to your new one.

2) Take or dispose

Go through each room, store, attic etc and decide what you would want to take with and what you don’t. Sort them out and if anything is to be disposed do so now.

3) Get on with finding the best moving company

Check websites, talk to friends who have moved recently and colleagues to find the best moving company closest to you, preferably through recommendations, referrals and word of mouth.

Thoroughly check their bona fides, check their FMCSA certification, call the FMCSA hotline -888-368-7238 and check if they have any bad records, etc.

A thorough research by you would be necessary as these are your goods and you need to be sure that all of them would get to the new destination in one piece.

Take your time and do not rush into this very important aspect in all your moving responsibilities because if you select the wrong mover you could be left to rue in the end.  If you need extra time for the move, you are also encouraged to take a look at secure storage for your belongings.

4) Attend to children’s school moving

Visit the school of your kids and inform them about the move and arrange to have the documents they need to move your kids to the new school in the new destination.

Six weeks to go

5) Get the packing materials

Start bringing in the packing materials like cardboard boxes, bubble wraps and soft packing for fragile items etc. These are for the small items of which the larger furniture etc would be the responsibility of the mover to ensure safe packing.

6) Use up and empty

Use up all the perishables, cleaning materials, etc

7) Check out the new place

Visit the new home and check out where and how you would like to place the things in the new home. Can the big furniture you have fit in here, are the doors wide enough to get them through etc.

One month to go

8) Select the best moving company

Sign on the dotted line and confirm the date and time with the mover you have selected and obtain the necessary documentation signed by them and stamped.

9) Begin your packing

Begin your packing.

10) Label the boxes

Label each box with a code number and list all the items in it in a separate paper and file it in the folder. Do not write what is inside on the boxes.

11) Pack the valuables

Pack the valuables and fragile items carefully.

12) Inform new address

Inform your new address to all those who need to know it. Inform the local Post Office for them to forward letters.

13) Relocate medical records

Inform and ensure your medical records are all relocated to the new address.

Two weeks to go

14) Apply for leave on moving day

Apply for leave on moving day.

15) Service your vehicle

Get your vehicle serviced and attended to. You would not need it to give trouble on moving day.

16) Contact your mover and confirm date and time

Contact your mover and confirm the date and time of moving day.

One week to go

17) Remove items from your safe deposit locker

Clear your safe deposit locker.

18) Refill all medication

Refill all medication you need for at least 3 weeks.

19) Pack your personal items

Start packing your suitcases.

Three days to go

20) Defrost the refrigerator

Clear all the stuff from the refrigerator, defrost it, clean it and let it dry.

21) Go through the checklist

Go through your checklist and ensure everything has been attended to.

22) Plan all payments

Plan and ensure that all payments for utilities, etc and also for the movers are made ready.

D-Day or Moving Day

23) Recheck

Recheck everything a final time and ensure that everything is in order and nothing has been left out.

24) Provide inventory

Give a copy of the inventory to the mover and go through it with them and get them to sign and accept what you have given them.

Recheck their FMCSA certification to ensure that they are the ones to whom you have contracted to move your goods and then let them leave.

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