When you live in an organized home, you feel better about it. Knowing where everything is at all times can make getting the kids ready in the morning, cleaning, or anything else much less of a hassle. However, the difficult part is knowing where to begin.

Cleaning out the closet (literally)

One place to start is the closets. Go through every piece of clothing in your house to decide what to keep and what to get rid of, and be realistic, if it hasn’t been worn in a year, it should be gotten rid of. If you don’t feel good wearing it or don’t see yourself wearing it again, you should get rid of it. While some clothing may need to be simply thrown away because it is stained or has holes in it, the rest should be donated so someone else can get use out of it.

Don’t forget about the garage

This is often an area of the home that overflows with junk you don’t need or want but don’t feel like you can get rid of. When the garage is emptied of everything you don’t need, you will be able to reorganize the things you do need in a much more compact fashion. So the best way to tackle the mess is to rip.everything.out. and start with a clean slate, that way you can see the trash, what need to go on the shelves, what bicycles are even in working order and what’s damaged.

The kitchen that never seems to be tidy

Even though the kitchen is a high traffic area that you are in and out of all the time, there are still items that are lost in the shuffle. To organize the kitchen, take everything out of all the cupboards and shelves. Group items together based on common qualities, and put them back based on where they make the most sense. For example, holiday items or decorative plates that get used once or twice a year do not need to be in a cupboard that is easily accessible. However, the appliances you use on a regular basis should be at the right height to grab without much effort.

The office space

If you have a home office, it may be overflowing with paperwork and all sorts of other materials. Group the papers based on their purpose, and throw away the things you don’t need. However, this is one room that you can get away with saving something you may not need in the future. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to legal documents or receipts.

In many cases, it may be a good idea to invest in a storage unit, like self storage Vancouver WA, then you can store the items you know you need to keep but may not have the space. If you keep them in your basement or garage, there is a good chance they could become damaged or lost in the mess once again, but in an organized storage unit, they will be safe, secure, and where you want them to be.

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