The Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Storage Stuff Safe

Homeowners do not always have the space to keep seasonal or extra items around the house. A public storage facility provides the additional room necessary to keep items without cluttering a home. There are five steps to take to make certain that items remain safe while sitting in storage.

1. Packaging

All items in storage need to be physically protected from damage and other factors. This means using the right packaging. All items in storage should be wrapped and kept in a box with newspaper or bubble wrap to fill empty spaces. Plastic wrapping will help to protect items like books and fabrics from moisture that could cause damage. Items in storage should be packed and stored in a way that will resist vibrations or impacts from activities happening outside of the unit.

2. Keep Records

Items in storage will remain safe if records are kept of what is in the unit. This usually means keeping a page in a notebook or a note on a mobile device that lists everything in the unit. Items that are removed should be deleted from the list. Records will always reflect everything that should be in the storage unit. It will also show what items are in the house that need to be protected.

3. Locks

Homeowners in the city who want to protect personal possessions in a house can install a Modesto CA home security system. This same option does not exist for public storage units. The one place where a person can make a different is with the lock that is chosen. Nearly all storage locations allow customers to place a personal lock on a door. The lock that is chosen should open with a key instead of a combination. It should also have anti-theft features to prevent thieves from cutting it off the latch. Locks should be changed regularly if they start to show signs of wear.

4. Report Suspicious Activity

Anyone storing items in a facility should remain aware of anything suspicious that happens. This could mean strangers loitering inside of the property or unknown vehicles that remain in the parking area for days at a time. Other things to look for are broken security systems like access pads or card readers and unexplained damage to the door of a unit. Suspicious or anomalous activity should be reported to the management immediately.

5. Choose the Right Facility

The actual storage facility that is chosen will play the largest role in keeping items safe. A storage business should provide restricted access to the units or lockers. It is also helpful to choose a location that has a live person on the site for some portion of the day. Other security features to look for are cameras and good exterior lighting. Individuals who are leasing a storage unit should switch to another location if security starts to become too lax.

Many of the storage facilities are relatively safe. It is still a good practice to take all necessary precautions in order to prevent theft or damage to personal possessions in your storage and at home with a security system from Vivint South Jordan UT. Taking the time to pack items correctly and maintaining the highest level of security around the unit will ensure that items are safe while in storage.

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