The Top 5 Steps To Completing Your Move To The New House

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The Top 5 Steps To Completing Your Move To The New House Moving is one of the most stressful experiences a human being will go through in their lifetime, but it doesn’t have to be completely overwhelming. One way to keep the anxiety to a minimum is to get organized.

Here, find a helpful list of the top five steps to completing your move to the new house without wanting to jump off its roof!

Plan and Organize Your Way Home

Carefully plan your move. Keep a binder and notebook for move-related items only. Blueprints, floor plans, lease or mortgage documents, notes from home inspections, a list of utilities you will need to get turned on and off, and so on. Keep a moving checklist handy and check things off as you go through your storage unit.

Stay True to Your Life

Once you are in the thick of things, be sure not to let the moving process fully consume you. Keep the rest of your life as normal as possible. Keep hair appointments, meet friends for that drink on Friday night and hit the gym in between unpacking boxes, if that’s what you would normally be doing with your time.

Furnish With a Flourish

If your old things don’t work in the new place, splurge on some new pieces if you can. Hit stores like Best Buy to shop for a new home theater system that will make movie night better than ever. Browse Madison furniture stores to get ideas for a new couch or dining room table. Whether you pick up some furniture for the guest room you didn’t have before or a bigger TV to go with your larger living room, you will be glad to have a few brand new things to make your brand new house feel like home.

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Get to Know Your New Neighborhood

Once you’ve moved, get to know your neighborhood as soon as possible. Whether you explore in the car, on foot or while riding your bicycle, it pays to learn as much as you can about where you live.

Lay Out Your Welcome Mat

Host a housewarming party or send out “I’ve Moved…” cards to loved ones. This will let others know you are excited to share your new home and encourage them to visit you or mail a card to your new address congratulating you. Nothing makes a move feel complete like having friends and family help break in the new place!

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