The Best Ways to Make Your Move More Manageable

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Moving day is often hectic, and it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are many things that can be done beforehand to keep stress levels down while moving your items to a new residence. Here are the best ways to make your move manageable so you can transport your belongings without unnecessary worries on moving day.

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Gather Supplies Before Packing

There is nothing more frustrating than starting to pack, only to realize that you do not have enough boxes or packing tape. To avoid this problem, carefully assess your belongings, and try to estimate how many items you will need. Remember, it is better to overestimate, than to have to stop packing for another supply run.


Organize Boxes According to the New Location

Although it may be tempting to throw everything into a box and go, moving day will be much easier if your boxes are packed according to what goes into each room. It is best to pack according to the new location’s layout. For example, those who are downsizing may find that packing two bedrooms together will allow for a smoother transition to the new home.


Create Detailed Labels on Boxes

Even when you label boxes according to each room, you may be surprised to discover that you cannot find necessities to get you through the first few days in the new home. For this reason, it is best to include detailed labels on each box that include a short list of the main items. This will help you to quickly locate necessities such as cookware and toiletries.

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Use Storage to Keep Boxes Organized

Often, packing begins long before the actual moving day, and so many unused items can create clutter and make it harder to continue packing, and certain items may need to wait until you have already settled into your new home. In these cases, you will want to choose Santa Monica storage units that offer a secure place to keep your belongings throughout the moving process. This simple step can provide you with peace of mind, and prove valuable for storing seasonal items and bulky furniture throughout the year.


Starting your upcoming move with an organized approach is the most effective way to make it more manageable. Begin by breaking down your move into individual rooms, and then consider which items may be stored until you are ready to use them at the new residence. By having a clear plan in place for your belongings, you will be ready to stay calm and organized on moving day.

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