The Best Ways to Find Mover Reviews

One of the first steps to hiring any mover should be to investigate the moving company’s employment history. Thanks to the internet, this is easier to do than ever before. Here are some of the top moving review sites that will help you avoid hiring bad movers.

1. BBB (better Business Bureau) 

In the United States and Canada, when you are investigating any business, the best place to start is All you have to do is navigate to your location on the website. In the search window type in “movers”. Up will come a list of movers in your area, and it will say whether the movers are BBB approved or not. We highly recommend going with movers who are certified by the BBB if at all possible, because this ensure a baseline of decent quality. It can also help you narrow down that list of potential movers you’d like to research, because there are lots and lots of movers out there.

2. Investigate on Several Moving Review Websites 

My Moving Reviews, Moving Scam  and Moving Company Reviews  are just a few of the websites out there dedicated to posting reviews of movers. If you have narrowed down your search to a couple of different movers, try looking up the moving companies on various different moving review websites to see if any horror stories or positive reviews pop up. Keep in mind that most people only write reviews for bad experiences with movers, so don’t freak yourself out by reading a bunch of random moving reviews. Try to stick to the task at hand, so that you can effectively research. Also, if you have a good experience with your moving company, you can do them a favor by writing a review for them when you get the chance.

3. Ask Google 

This may be a no brainer for most folks, but enter the moving companies names into Google search. Explore down the search pages to see if any random sites have reviews for the mover in question.

4. Ask for Multiple References 

When you are hiring a mover, you are essentially hiring an employee. Do not shy away from asking for references, just as you would when hiring an employee. Most moving companies will have references that you can contact that will relay their experiences with the moving company. Of course, there is always the risk these references are bias, bust just by having the references available the moving company shows that they are serious about their business.

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