Stressed About the Move? 5 Tips That Will Make it More Enjoyable

Moving In TogetherMoving can be an exciting time, as well as a stressful time. The following five tips can help eliminate a large part of the stress associated with relocating.




Approaching your move in an organized manner will eliminate a lot of stress. If you have your moving supplies such as boxes, tape, labels and markers in one centralized location, you can save time and frustration.


Make arrangements


Most likely, you will need some assistance when it comes to moving from one place to another. Whether its long distance movers you need, or simply something local, you can mark one worry off of your list, if you confirm the availability of a truck well before your moving date. You may be able to save some money by getting a good rate for scheduling your move on specific days or at a certain time.


Pace yourself


Begin packing early so that you don’t end up in a panic as moving day approaches. Playing some lively, energizing music while you pack can make the task more enjoyable. Getting the whole family involved in the packing process will help you complete the task more quickly.


Storage units or containers


There are times when you may not have the option of packing and unpacking at a leisurely pace. To lessen your stress, you may want to use a portable container. A container can be left at your new place so that you can unpack at a slower pace. The moving company will pick up the container when you have finished unloading it. This can be a major convenience and a real stress reliever.


Pack surprises


If you’re the person in charge of packing, you can make the unpacking experience more enjoyable for everyone if you pack a few surprises in some of the boxes. While you may not be able to surprise yourself, you can include a few self-pampering items to make moving day more enjoyable for you. For kids you could sneak a few toys into boxes they will be responsible for unpacking. Treats and toys for pets will give them something fun to do while you unpack. Specialty tea or coffee or luxurious bath essentials are possible items you can pack for yourself.


Moving will be far less stressful if you do some pre-planning, get organized before you pack and make the process of packing a fun, family event. Keeping an optimistic positive attitude can make moving a pleasant, fun and enjoyable adventure.

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