Storing For the Winter: 5 Items To Store And 5 Items To Throw Away

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Clear Out The Clutter in Your Home With These 5 TipsThis is the time that the air gets a cooler and we feel re-energized. spring cleaning ensues as we prepare for the colder winter months and holidays that we know are ahead. If you do not already have outside storage then it is worth every penny to get one. Cheap sheds are easily affordable even if you are on a limited budget. Moving around and stacking items is much easier, organized, and does not feel like a chore. Here are some fall cleaning tips to consider as you roll up your sleeves to decide what to keep and what to toss.

Summer Clothes
As a rule, pack up clothing that is sleeveless and made out of thin material. Pick only a few lighter items to keep out to get you through the fall weather.

Toss: Clothes that the kids outgrown, stained clothes or items that you had little to zero desire to wear during the past season.

Garden equipment
Gardeners love their summer crops and will most likely have excess pots, containers, stakes and watering cans that they won’t be needing until spring.

Toss: Plastic containers that are beaten from the summer sun since they likely won’t make it through another season.

Light sheets
We don’t need to change the sheets as often during the winter. It helps to pack them up and move them up because we need more room to fit the much larger winter blankets.

Toss: Sheets always seem to have a use but they are not worth the burden if you have too many of them. Toss out any that you have no use for because they are not the correct size, stained, or ruined.

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Beach and pool supplies
It’s time to swap out your tikis and summer gear to make room for holidays themes. During the winter you won’t want much to do with beach balls, sprinklers, rafts and compressors.

Toss: It’s difficult to stretch out the use of worn out summer items to make them worth their storage. Anything that is damaged from punctures, sun or breakage should go. Almost empty cleaning supplies for the pool and patio area are better off tossed as well.

Picnic supplies and summer ware
The kitchen also needs to be reorganized since there is only so much cabinet space. We will need to make room to accommodate dishes that suit our eating habits as we switch from cold meals to more warm meals. You may have less need of as many plastic and glass cups to make room for mugs, ceramic bowls, roasting pans and crock pots.

Toss: Any dishes that you have a surplus in would make your life easier to part with. Throw away Tupperware that is stained or missing lids, or cracked and chipped dishes.

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