Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

There can hardly be a family that doesn’t have a problem with storage at home. Either you live in a small place and you can never find space for everything so you have to improvise or you live in a big house and you buy more than you need, which ultimately results in a cluttered home as well. One of the hardest things is to use the bedroom space to its best advantage, yet keep it cozy and inviting. One of the most intimate rooms in a home is the bedroom. A room that has to be perfectly furnished and become a sanctuary after a stressful day at work, the bedroom is often far from a place of tranquility. If you are constantly fighting the clutter, you need to find a better way to store you belongings and create an illusion for more space. Here are some ideas to utilize if you have limited space in the bedroom, but want to store more items.

Buy Furniture with Dual Purposes
One of the best solutions for any room in the house is appropriate furniture. The furniture with dual purposes will be the one with the almost hidden storage compartments that only you know about. A set of drawers, a sliding shelf or an entire storage drawer under the bed? All of these solutions will help you store clothes, bedding, blankets, out-of-season heavy items such as coats and sleeping bags.

Storage Ideas at Low Heights
If the shelving system is extended up high, you will be able to accommodate more of your belongings and create beautiful displays. Keep the items you don’t need too often higher and the essential ones at hand’s reach.

Think About the Corners
When you have a large bedroom, it’s easy to overlook the corners, but in a smaller space it’s important to utilize these areas by turning them into creative storage places. There is furniture that is made specifically for corners and can accommodate various items. Use shelves that are custom-made for your bedroom. Store outerwear on coat hooks and use practical ideas for displaying your most beloved possessions.

In order to make a small room appear bigger use the following items:

•    Create a focal point in the room with a big mirror – it will reflect the light and make the room appear much more spacious.
•    Use more lighting in the corners of the room.
•    Avoid heavy curtains; use lightweight drapes in soft pastel colours

A small bedroom can look as cozy and inviting as you make it. It has its advantages, but you need to ensure that it stays free of clutter. Store only the items you don’t have space for in another room and try to keep the room looking light and tidy.


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