Signs You Chose A Good Moving Company

Investing in a moving company is a fantastic way to take a lot of the physical and mental pressure off of a move. The one problem with hiring movers that sometimes a move just doesn’t go all that well. Whether it is due to the  moving company or the actual movers themselves depends on the situation, but either way sometimes things go awry.

If you aren’t really experienced with movers, chances are you may not even know what a good experience with a moving company should be like though! The following are some sure signs that you picked out an awesome moving company, so that you can appreciate the value of the experience you do or do not have when using a moving company.

1. The Interview Process is Painless

When shopping around for moving companies, you may find that it is more difficult to get information out of some companies than others. A sign of a good moving company is that they are completely up front about most information in the first place, and that the customer service is willing to answer any questions that you may have. If you can’t even get past this part of the process

2. Everything is Well-Planned

When it comes time for moving day there should be an inventory and a removal plan involved. The company should not only assist you in this process, but they also should be willing to give you constructive feedback. Basically they’ll want to work with you to make sure everything goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. If they don’t do this it is a sign they may charge you for extra time, or that the movers just don’t really care about their job at all.

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3.  They Listen During The Move

Just because you’ve hired people to move your stuff, doesn’t mean that you are aren’t ultimately the one in charge. Movers should not only be willing to listen to your input during a move, but they should be checking in with you consistently to  make sure everything is progressing to your liking.

4. Are Open Up Fees and Charges

If something is going to cost you extra, a good moving company and their movers will let you know about it before it becomes a problem. There are some additional charges that can’t be foreseen, but for the  most part movers can tell when something is going to cost you a little extra. There is nothing worse than finding out after the fact that you owe the moving company a lot more than you had budgeted for!

5. Polite

Not at any level should a member of a moving company should treat or speak to you in a way that seems impolite. There is the off chance if you yell at them they may react, but other than that, there really is no excuse for mover to act in such a way. If they do, be sure to report their behavior to the manager of the moving company.

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