Self Storage with Free Extra Space

If your home or office is overloaded with too much stuff then a self storage unit is just what the doctor ordered. Now, most storage units will be pretty standard in size, like five by five, 10 by 110 and so on. However, there is a way that you can get some extra space out of your self storage unit, provided you are renting the right type.

Here’s the thing, while a five foot space by a five foot space is the same no matter where you decide to rent your self storage unit, what isn’t always the same is the ceiling height. Some self storage unit facilities will have low ceilings while others will have ceilings that are higher.

So, the obvious self storage unit to rent will be the one with the higher ceiling space. This is like getting free space out of your self storage unit. Yes, you will still only be able to squeeze so much into the floor space of the self storage unit, but remember, if you pack your things the right way, you can always stack them.

Of course you will start with your heavier boxes that are sturdier first and then stack form there. When you are done, if you have stacked all the way to the ceiling, you may be surprised at just how much stuff you actually squeezed into the self storage unit.

Even if you have some furniture you need to store, you can still get more into a self storage unit that has higher ceilings. Simply start with your furniture on the bottom and stack boxes around and then eventually on top of the furniture.

Really, no matter what you need to store, the way to go is a high ceiling self storage unit. You can pay the same amount of money for a low ceiling self storage unit and have it be less than adequate for your needs, but why would you want to?

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