Self-storage Is the Answer in the Recovering Economy

Before our nation’s housing turmoil people simply purchased a bigger house when they ran out of room.  Now, more people are staying put, but they still have too much stuff for their current living situations.  Rather than thinning out their loved and essential belongings, many are turning to self-storage to alleviate their overcrowded homes.

Self-storage units are one of the cleanest, most secure methods to store your items.  Even if you were to box up your possessions and put them in your crawl space, basement, or garage, they are likely to be damaged by rodents, insects, or weather. Storage facilities, on the other hand, are notoriously clean and secure, protecting a variety of personal belongings of all kinds.

A couple helpful tips for packing your possessions will ensure your beloved belongings are even better protected.
Many people store fragile family heirlooms, like great-grandma’s china or antique glassware, away in storage units because the dishware is so infrequently used.  While a quiet storage unit is the perfect place to keep these treasured items safe, you should take the added precautions of wrapping them in bubble wrap.  You can even purchase specially made insulated china containers if you want one more layer of protection.

You can find storage units of all sizes, but you still want to conserve as much space as possible.  If you are going to store furniture, take it apart as much as possible so it will take up less space.  If you have a chest of drawers you want to put in the unit, be sure to use the drawers as space to store and organize smaller items.

Prepare your unit before moving your items in.  If humidity is an issue, perhaps consider adding some moisture absorbers.  A clean tarp on the floor will make it easier for you to scoot boxes and furniture across the floor.

Think carefully about the most effective organizational pattern for your unit.  Place those items you need the most access to at the front of the unit. If an item has great value, you may consider hiding it toward the back of the unit.  Don’t forget to leave yourself a path so you can access all areas of your unit.

There are so many options in storage units today. The most effective method for you to find the unit that will best suit your needs is through an Easy Storage Search.

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