Self-Storage for Your Vehicle

Car storageIn recent years self-storage units and options have grown in popularity significantly. What is it that makes self-storage so convenient and in demand? The truth about most people, no matter where they live, is that they always need more storage space. Whether it’s for old collectables, furniture or their hobby, storage at home is never enough. The best option is putting your precious belongings in a self-storage unit that is safe, temperature-controlled and easily accessible.

One of the problems people have is with storing their vehicles. What is supposed to be a garage, open space in front of the house or a backyard turns into a storage area for parked cars, boats, trailers, RVs, trucks, vans, etc. These take lots of space and they definitely shouldn’t be stored under sun and rain all year round. Vehicles that you don’t use that often can be put in a self-storage unit – the perfect and safest place for them.

Why should you consider vehicle self-storage and paying monthly fees when you can store these vehicles right next to your home? The biggest reason is safety and ensuring the long life of these vehicles, which are not cheap. If you travel with your van every summer, then it’s best to keep it somewhere safe and environmentally-controlled during the other seasons. Rain, sun, wind and moisture can damage every vehicle if you keep it outside all the time. Moreover, how long before somebody decides to steal it or throw a rock at it for fun?

There are different types of vehicle accommodations, but usually these self-storage units can accommodate anything from motorbikes and cars to large trailers and boats. Browse the local self-storage units which offer vehicle storage and talk to an agent. Some of these facilities can only be rented for a minimum of 3-6 months, so make sure you choose the option that works best for you. The climate-controlled area will surely be the best environment for the vehicle.

What are the things you should look for in a vehicle self-storage provider? Above all, pick a company that’s been in the business long enough to ensure plenty of experience. Check testimonials from clients and don’t take a risk with a beginner in the industry even if their fee is considerably lower. The best way to start communication with the storage agent is by simply visiting the facility. Its physical condition will tell you a lot about the provider. Ask to take a look at a storage unit – check how clean it is, whether it smells of mildew and if it has CCTV camera in front of it.

Keep in mind that a self-storage provider has the right to reject storing a car or another vehicle that isn’t registered or insured. Store vehicles that are in drivable condition and whose tires are inflated.

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