Self-storage and the Small Business: Saving Money and Boosting Margins

Start-up activity is one the rise in the UK, as a growing number of entrepreneurs look to capitalise on low-cost marketing techniques and wider economic recovery. While it may be easier than ever to bring a product to market or engage a potential target audience, however, sustaining a successful business in the long-term remains an extremely difficult challenge.

The challenge facing service orientated businesses is a particularly interesting one. Typically this type of organization is relatively cheap to establish, as there is no need to lease a manufacturing plant or invest in a high volume of stock. Despite this, however, there is a pressing need to monitor costs as you continue to trade and evolve over time.


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Self-storage and your Small Business: A Marriage of Convenience

If we take the experience of an independent mechanic, for example, start-up costs can be relatively low initially. Requiring the lease of basic premises and equipment hire, you can establish a service both quickly and cheaply. As you look to develop a viable long-term business model, you will need to identify potential savings and cost-cutting message. Flexible self-storage options provide a relevant case in point, as they enable service providers to trade effectively without spending outside of their means. Consider the following benefits: –

Access Real-time Storage on a Flexible Lease

In terms of leasing arrangements, flexible self-storage offers an advantage as it be secured on a short-term or rolling basis. This means that the amount of storage that you utilise can be altered according to your time-specific needs, which in turn enables you to save money and minimise the amount that you spend. If you are a mechanic who has hired specialist equipment from a supplier such as SGS Engineering, for example, you may only need to store this for a shot while until the completion of a job or project. With flexible self-storage, you can simply rent an additional unit indefinitely and with a minimum of fuss.

Select the Ideal Size of Unit to Meet your Needs

Storage units come in numerous different sizes, and larger, fixed locations tend to command a more substantial lease and deposit. Depending on availability, this means that you may be forced to hire a fixed unit that is far larger and more expensive than you had initially anticipated. Flexible self-storage units helps to negate this risk, however, as they are available in a vast array of sizes through suppliers nationwide. It is therefore far easier to invest in an adequately sized unit to is ideally suited to your practical needs and budgetary constraints.

Consider the Benefits of Mobile Storage

Another key trend is the self-storage industry has been the innovation of mobile units, which can be moved and relocated according to your needs. If you have evolved your service business and opened multiple outlets, for example, there may be a need to move specialist items of expensive equipment between locations as a way of minimising cost. Mobile self-storage units offer you an opportunity to do this, allowing you to save potentially thousands of pounds of an annual basis.

While it may not seem like it, flexible self-storage is potentially a key weapon in the modern business armoury. Not only does it provide businesses with an opportunity to improve efficiency, for example, but it also reduces costs and boost bottom line profit over time.

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