Self storage can be a welcomed thing if your home is overflowing with too many personal items. What is seldom considered though is how secure your self storage facility is. This is important as the things in your self storage unit are still your things and the last thing you want to happen is have those things stolen or messed with.

Security at a self storage facility goes well beyond the lock on your unit. There are several variables you should look at when you are considering a self storage facility that will tell you how secure it is including:

  • Facility Gate: A nice security feature to have at any facility is a security gate. These gates usually require a code to be electronically input before it opens and this code keeps unwanted people out and also helps the facility track who goes in and out.
  • On-Site Manager: Another nice security feature with a self storage facility is an on-site manager. An on-site manager is one who lives on the premises, usually in small apartment. This means that there is always someone near your storage unit and your stuff that will help keep thieves away.
  • Facility Cameras: Always ask the storage unit facility that you are considering if they have cameras and how many. Cameras are a great tool to discourage would be burglars and also helps catch the ones that are still brazen enough to disregard the safety feature and commit the crime anyway.

The bottom line is, the more secure your storage unit facility is, the more secure your stuff is. You may have some irreplaceable items in your storage unit and having them stolen may devastate you. Instead of taking a chance, be sure that the storage unit facility you are going to use is as safe and sound as possible.