If there is one thing that most people of Sonoma (and probably the rest of California) would agree on is that the summers are really hot. California is basically a warm place with all of the deserts and beaches to go by. There might be some areas where they have a more temperate climate, but most of the state can be very hot. It is a wonder how this state still has dedicated ice hockey teams when the sun can melt an ice rink in minutes. On the other hand, the heat has also made one appliance into a need: air conditioner. Learn about its history through this link.

As you may see in various posts online, people from warmer countries worship any place where the air conditioner runs full power. At the same time, colder country dwellers relax under their heaters when the endless snow falls. These two, along with the ventilation systems, create a unit that seems to be become more important these days. The HVAC system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is constantly present in many homes all around the world. Thanks to its ability to control the temperature inside the house, almost everybody wants to have one.

Even though many people want it, there seems to be a problem: not everyone really knows how it works. Sure, all people know what it does but the mechanisms might tbe too much to handle especially for the common folk. It doesn’t really concern the user anyway since they are not the ones who are going to repair it, right? As long as it is still working, there is nothing to worry about. You can always call somebody else to do it for you or you can even find them online like this company: https://www.hasslerheating.com/city/santa-rosa-hvac-services.

However, one of the common misconceptions of HVAC is that it can clean itself. We may not be sure if manufacturers and scientists are already looking into this. The fact still stands though that its internal parts can collect a lot of dirt and debris. This can cause a severe malfunction to your HVAC is left unattended. The tell-tale signs are so obvious as you can actually feel it when it operates. If you are going to call someone to clean it for you they might ask: is this for duct repair or furnace repair?

You might be thinking that these two are the same. They have their similarities, but they are truly different from each other in a lot of factors. Check this out:

Duct Repairs

This kind of repair focus on the entire air process inside the HVAC, wherever the air goes, the ducts are the areas it passes through. This is also commonly known as vents as these are also passages of air. Usually, this part doesn’t need repair but cleaning. There can be dirt, grime or other solid materials that can clog or incapacitate your HVAC system. If there are holes in the vents, these are to be fixed as soon as possible. However, these can be easily reached and cleaned by almost anyone who can open an HVAC. However, you still need to be careful as it can lead to more problems if you don’t do it well enough.

Furnace Repairs

Compared to the duct repairs, furnace repairs are solely focused on its parts. It has a lot of them including the blower motor, burners, heat exchanger and other similar parts. They all contribute to the temperature control of the entire system. There are also some other parts of the furnace that can be difficult to repair on your own. For example, the evaporator coil can be challenging to remove as well as repair because it is a special part. You really need to contact a specialist if this might be the problem.

These two can be done simultaneously, especially if the entire system is already crashing down. However, if these two major portions are impossible to fix, then it is time to find another or buy a brand new one. There are a lot of new technologies that are available these days and some of them are considered as “smart”. It means that you can connect it to the internet for easier access especially if you want to turn it on at certain times only. 

It is important to clean most of the system as much as you can. All of the stuff can get stuck inside and it will not let you enjoy the cooler or warmer temperatures. For best results, try to inspect the appliance every once a year so that you can clean it up yourself. Better yet, hire a company that specializes in HVAC so that they can inspect it further. Even if you might need to spend some money, it is so worth it because your family can stay in a comfortable home.

We have come a long way from HVAC appliances being considered as not safe for the environment. While it is true that the oleer versions of refrigerants release CFC to the atmosphere, this might not be the case anymore. You can now enjoy a colder or warmer environment inside your own home without the guilt of destroying nature. If you want to buy a new HVAC, look for the best ones even though they might be a tad more expensive. They last longer than ordinary HVACs and they perform so much better.