Renovation Storage Solutions for Furniture, Clothes, and Kitchen Belongings

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If you’ve ever gotten the courage to remodel your home, you know it can be a real challenge. The time it takes to complete a renovation can be daunting, and the costs can really add up and cause more stress. Not only is the actual remodeling work very draining, but other logistical issues arise, such as where to store things like furniture, clothes, and kitchen belongings during your renovation. If you’re overwhelmed with your renovations and don’t know where to stash your stuff, one or more of the following storage solutions may be best for you. 


One of the most popular storage solutions by far is PODS. The process is easy – just sign up to have units delivered, load your furniture, clothes, and kitchen belongings, and then leave it in your yard or driveway for as long as needed. Once your renovation is done, you are just steps away from your stuff so there is no need to make drives back and forth to an off-site unit. PODS will then pick up the unit(s) and take them back to their facilities themselves. If you’d prefer not to have a container sitting at your home, PODS can also transport your stuff to one of their facilities and then bring it back when you are ready. Users who opt for this can also access their container(s) at the facility at any time. PODS containers are made of steel and you provide your own lock, meaning nobody else has access to it – not even PODS. Their containers start around $150/month and the company offers small (8 foot), medium (12 foot), and large (16 foot) options. 

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1-800-PACK-RAT is another option that offers a great storage solution for you during any home renovation, as this company also eliminates the need to transport items to an off-site storage unit unless you choose for them to house it at their facility. Its portable storage units come in three sizes – an eight-foot, 404 cubic foot container that can hold up to 4,000 pounds; a twelve-foot, 620 cubic foot container that can hold up to 6,000 pounds; and a sixteen-foot, 830 cubic foot container that can hold up to 6,000 pounds. The units are made of sturdy steel and come with barn-style doors, meaning there is plenty of room for you to load your stuff in and out of one. Customer service can help you decide what size and other options might be right for your renovation project. 

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SMARTBOX keeps it simple and its units are all the same size – 7-foot x 8-foot x 5-foot (L*W*H) – so users have the option of getting however many they need. SMARTBOXes can handle more weight than various other storage solutions, as they can hold up to 3,000 pounds. The units are all canvas-covered to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, and they feature ground-level loading meaning there are no ramps to deal with. The doors are extra wide so that even your largest pieces of furniture can seamlessly fit in the units. You can get a quote online, and included in each purchase is the ability to keep the unit for as long as you need without being pressured to give it back. 


U-HAUL offers its U-BOX solution for anyone looking to store their stuff while they remodel their home. The website indicates each container fits about a room and a half and recommends you get three containers for a two-bedroom home, but you can easily choose how many you need. Perhaps best of all, U-HAUL will not make you pay for any of the space you do not use. You can choose to have the company keep your U-BOXes at one of their local facilities, or you can have them on-site at your home. The inside of the boxes measures 95″ x 56″ x 83.5″ (L*W*H) and can hold up to 2,000 pounds of items. Depending on where you live and how high or low demand is, U-BOXes cost around $60 a month and U-HAUL promises there are no hidden fees. 

Other Ideas

Of course, if you’re not wanting to rent out some sort of storage space or box, you can try to strategize while renovating. For example, working on one room at a time and “cluttering” others can save you the weekly or monthly fees. You can place your bedroom furniture in the living room or basement while the bedroom is being renovated. Kitchen belongings can be placed in bedrooms, while clothing can be moved to different closets or – let’s be real – even be spread out on a bed in a different bedroom. Things may look scattered for a while, but this will save you the expense of the other options. 

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Note that it may help you in the long run if you take an inventory of what you have and where you put it, as it is easy to lose things throughout all of the renovation chaos. Also, as a general rule for any type of home project or moving, it is always a good idea to label boxes and containers so you know what you have and where it all needs to go when it’s time to move it back into the proper room. 

Family members and friends may have some extra room they are willing to lend you throughout your renovation. You don’t know until you ask, so it is usually worth it to reach out. Depending on what month you are renovating in your house, your garage may be another good place to store your items, especially the bulky ones like furniture. Parking your car(s) outside instead of in the garage during your renovation is an easy money-saving solution as well. Keep in mind that garages in humid climates may not be the best due to potential moisture damage. 

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