Relocating your Office Space: Scaling your Business Upwards

Small business confidence rose in the U.S. during July, as consumers also continued to borrow heavily and invest with renewed optimism. So although economists have been keen to stress that the current economic recovery remains far from secure, it appears as though there is genuine reason for hope and expectation.

As a result of this, small and independent business owners may be keen to scale their venture upwards after a sustained period of consolidation. This can prove to be a challenging process, however, especially when you consider the logistical demands of relocating to a larger and more suitable office space.

Relocating your Office Space: 3 Tips for Success

With this in mind, what practical steps can you take to effectively relocate your office without compromising on the productivity of your business or staff? Consider the following: –

Select your New Location Based on Numerous Factors

When it comes to selecting a new office space, it is important to remain focused on numerous different factors. While the size of your new office must be able to accommodate your short and long term plans, for example, this means little if it is poorly located or inaccessible to clients and staff. Bear in mind that your employees will need to commute comfortably if they are to remain motivated in the workplace, and this must be a key motivation when appraising properties. Above all else, keep your budget in mind at all times and aim to spend comfortably within your financial means.

Employ a Reputable Moving Service and Utilize Adequate Storage Solutions

The logistics and cost implications of relocation can be prohibitive, especially when you consider the amount of equipment held within a typical office. In order to negate these challenges successfully, you will first need to partner with a reputable moving firm that has considerable experience of commercial relocation. In addition to this, it is important that you seek out affordable and flexible storage solutions during the process of moving, as this will enable you to keep certain items of equipment safe until they are shipped to their new location. While these services all come at a cost, you can save significant sums of money by shopping around and comparing the market.

Agree a Lease That Suits your Plans

While some office spaces come with 99 year lease plans, others can be secured on a shorter term basis. The lease that you agree must be compatible with your long term business plan, however, which will dictate any future growth and determine the course of your venture over time. Just as there is little point in agreeing a long term lease if you have plans to expand your business further in a few years time, you do not want to sign a short term contract if there is a need to consolidate for the foreseeable future. By maintaining an overview of your long term commercial goals, it is possible to secure a new office space that represents genuine value for your investment and supports all future goals.

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