Reasons NOT to Use Trash Bags for Moving

It is tempting  to try to just use trash bags to move a lot of items in your home, because they are just so cheap, easy and accessible. Yet I tend to strongly discourage the practice of using trash bags for moving unless you are just packing linens or clothes. Here are some reasons that you really should think twice about moving trash bags for moving:

1. Hangers, Heels, Books

Anything that even has a minor sharpness to it will put holes in the trash bags. This can lead to not only rips and holes in the bags not to mention it can cause the bags to completely break. In the end these minor holes can make it a lot longer to unpack the trash bags too, because items get tangled into the material of the trash bag.

2. This Trick Does Not Actually Save You Time 

If you have a completely empty closet, the trick of wrapping clothes with a trash bag can work. The problem with trick is that during the move the clothes can sink down into the bag. Remember what we said about hangers in tip number one? Well, when the hangers sink into the bag they hook into it making it takes forever to remove the hangers from the trash bag. Ask me how I know.

2. Need Heavy Duty Bags

To really use trash bags for a move you really should invest in heavy duty contractor bags. Regular trash bags will just end up with holes and tears if you put to much weight in them. So if you are going to disregard my advice make sure that you at least spring for fancy contractor bags like these.

4. Not Environmental Friendly

This method of moving is not green at all! As we all know the world is filled with an excessive amount of plastic thanks to us humans. If you want to make this method just a tiny bit green reuse the trash bags for trash after the move, but you may not be able to do this if there are a bunch of holes and tears in the bags.

5. Hard on Your Wrists

Trash bags are a lot of things, but they are not ergonomically sound. Taking the trash out a few times a week is one things, but hauling a ton of heavy trash bags will take its toll on your body. If you do use trash bags, remember to  use the muscles of your arms, legs and shoulders, so that you do not put too much pressure on your wrists and back.

6. Stuff Will Break

I hate to jinx you, but anytime I’ve used trash bags for moving stuff broke. This may not be true for everyone, but everything gets entangled and mixed up in trash bags. If you do use trash bags for a move, try to only put indelicate items and/or replaceable items in the trash bags, so you don’t end up breaking or misplacing any treasured items.

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