In life, we tend to acquire a great number of items and belongings. Over time, you might realize that you have more items than you have space in which to put them. You might be trying to sell your home or planning a big event and need some of those belongings stored out of sight and out of mind. You might also just need to have the furnishings of that one-bedroom apartment stored for a time as you wait to move to a new location. No matter why you may need storage solutions, you need to ask yourself a number of questions about your storage needs in order to avoid wasting money and time on certain storage alternatives. Here are four basic questions to ask about your storage requirements.

Do I really need this item enough to store it?

You might have items that you think you need to store. However, before you fork over the money to stow certain belongings, ask yourself if you need these items anymore. Many times people store furniture, clothing and personal effects without even going through them first. You might be keeping items that you don’t even use or want anymore, which could be costing you money. Before you call a storage facility to determine how much space you need, be sure to go through your items to see if you might want to get rid of anything first.

How long do I need to store my items?

In the frenzy of moving or merely just de-cluttering a home, you might forget to ask yourself this question. Some storage solutions don’t make it easy to gain access to your belongings. If you only want to temporarily put away your items, this can be problematic. By determining how long you need storage solutions, you can better understand which option is right for you. For example, portable containers can work for both long and short-term moves. However, some other storage solutions might only be appropriate for one type of move, such as one-way moving.

How much storage space do I need?

Your decision will largely depend upon how much space you actually require. There are storage companies that offer any number of sizes for storage units, from small to large. You should ask yourself this question in order to avoid getting a storage space that is too large for your needs or too small for your requirements. This can dictate the price that you will pay in the end.

Do I want storage at my residence or in a facility?

Many people don’t realize just how far storage solutions have come. Some only consider those facilities where you must bring your items to the unit. However, today’s storage scene is littered with self-storage options such as pods and containers. These often take the headache out of transporting items to a storage facility, as they come right to your residence. Also, if you merely need items out of your home, but you still want to keep them on site, these containers can be a nice option.

Rebecca helps people get and stay organized, both in her day-to-day professional life and through her articles. She knows that choosing the right storage solutions can be tough, and recommends that people ask themselves these important questions in order to make the right choices for their needs.