Moving is a stressful situation for anyone. No matter what services you’re using, how you’re using them, the price you’re getting; the move is one of the most stressful parts of going from one place to another. However, the services can make a difference when it comes to the move. Using the right ones can provide you with the help you need so you can stress just a little bit less than if you were to move it all on your own. Truck after truck of moving endless boxes and furniture is not how anyone envisions their move going, which means that you should consider the extra help that can be had when moving items from one place to the next.

Compare the two most used moving services out there, and then decide which would be the best to go with for the move that you want to make. Remember, everyone is different and what might be right for someone else, might not be the best for you.

Traditional Moving Companies 

Traditional moving companies provide the backbone needed to move your items in one swift movement. They provide the truck that you need, in many different sizes depending on the amount of rooms you’re going to be moving, and the equipment required to move those items. Some traditional moving companies can also provide the labor if necessary. When you need man power to move the items, this can be reserved for an additional price.

How They Work

Obtain a large truck to move your items yourself, and reserve additional moving items such as a dolly, furniture mover pads or coverings from a traditional moving company. Add additional movers to come and help with the moving, if needed for an added cost. Allow them to move everything, drive the truck and unload for you for a fee. You can then have stress free moving throughout the entire weekend.

These moving companies may charge a flat rate, a milage rate or other rate depending on the length of the move and the days when the vehicle is needed. A licensed driver will have to operate the vehicle at all times, and the movers might be able to provide you with everything that is required in order for them to drive the vehicle, instead of having you drive it.


•   Obtain a truck that holds all of your items so you can move once, not many times

•   Have access to movers that can provide the muscle needed to move your items from one home to the next

•   Reserve the truck that you want any time of the day that you need it, for however long you need it for

•   Reserve additional items that might be needed for moving your items from the same company

•   Have access to affordable prices for any move that you’re making


Pods Storage and Moving Units 

Pods storage and moving units can be used for both storage and moving. When moving out of a place, and having a wait in between, you need a way to store your items and move them at the same time. By considering the unit that can store your items during this period, as well as have them delivered to the new place; you’re saving yourself time, money and stress in the process.

How They Work

Obtain a unit that is delivered right to your front yard when working with a pod unit company. You pack up the items you would like to have in the pod, and then have it picked up. They store the pod for you for a length of time, you let them know and you pay a small fee each month for the storage unit. When you’re ready to move into the new home, you give them a call and have them drop off the items to you. You can then unpack the pod and they take it away. No foot work, no hassle, just a call to get access to all of your items when your new home is ready for move in.

If you need someone to hold your items, then the pod unit company may be the ideal one to call. They provide a strong, durable, clean unit until you’re ready to get your items back. They have fair prices, and will even deliver the unit to you, just as you left it when we picked it up after you filled it with your items.


•   Have both a storage unit and a moving unit that holds your items when the time comes

•   Do not have to do any leg work since they bring the pod and pick it up for you

•   Use additional items that are needed for the move when you reserve them

•   Just call to have your items brought back to the new home for you to unload when you’re ready

In conclusion, it is ideal to use the pods storage and moving units when you have a delay in between moving from the old place to the new one. It might be ideal to use traditional moving companies if you need a large truck for a weekend or would like to hire some additional hands to help with the move. Whatever the need is that you have during your move, you can ensure that you have all that is needed from the choice of company you decide to go with. Both are able to move your items from point A to point B, and you’re still able to get the same end result when all the items are moved.

Choose which suits your needs, which provides a better deal and which is going to provide you with the help you need during your move. Everything is different, and you need to know that your stuff is going to arrive where it needs to be when the time comes. Do not chance it with a service you do not feel comfortable using. Use one that gives you the confidence and comfort you deserve during your move.