PODS Takes the Stress Out of Moving and Storage both Locally and Long-Distance!

Moving is often an exciting and simultaneously stressful endeavor. Having the right local or long distance moving and storage team will make the process more organized and save you money. PODS is one of the greatest innovations in safe moving and storage and it offers reliable, fast, and first class service throughout your move. Traditional strategies include renting a truck and doing everything yourself. Having to drive a truck through traffic across the many miles to your destination is often more than most people care to deal with. If you hire movers, you don’t really know who will be in charge of packing and carting your precious belongings. Remove the doubt and the concerns. PODS streamlines the process of moving through:

• Timely delivery,

• Timely pickup,

• Nationwide service,

• Easy loading,

• Best in class,

• Incredible savings.

How PODS Works

When you rely on PODS® for the safe storage and moving of your personal items, the process could not be simpler. We deliver the right size container to your address, you pack up at your convenience, on your schedule, load your possessions into the container as you pack, they pick up the PODS® container when you are ready and deliver it to your new address on time. Because these containers are at ground level, loading and unloading is easy; no dragging furniture, heavy boxes, or other items up clumsy ramps. Simply step through the conveniently wide opening and take your time organizing your possessions in the container.

Discover Why Millions of People Turn to PODS

PODS® has been recommended time and time again by completely satisfied customers. When you move using this innovative, convenient, and cost efficient system, you get a peace of mind you won’t find anywhere else. With a professional and helpful support team, you will turn a stressful move into a good experience and while you likely won’t want to make a habit of moving, the thought of doing so with PODS® will wash a wave of relief over you well into the future. For those who have moved, they know firsthand the pitfalls and troubles that can arise. With a valid PODS Promo Code you move at your pace, on your schedule, backed by a team dedicated to making the process as comfortable as possible.


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