PODS Storage Unit Auction Tips

PODS storage units are an incredibly popular choice for Americans that want to store their goods on a short-term or long-term basis. Self storage has exploded as an industry over the last 20 years with PODS storage units one of the niche leaders. You pick a unit, pay your rent and sleep easy knowing that your goods are safe and there is less clutter in your home. But what if you don’t pay your rent? That’s easy; the storage company will simply keep your PODS storage unit and auction it off to the highest bidder in a bid to recoup their costs. Such auctions can be goldmines but newcomers make many basic mistakes which we will look at below.

Interested parties generally place their bid for a PODS storage unit in an envelope and the highest bid gets the prize. You only get to see the unit from its entry point so have no idea of its true worth. You also have no idea what other people are bidding. While it is tempting to bid high to get the unit, it’s also important to consider value for money. Just bid what you believe it is worth and don’t be tempted to up the stakes.

Too Large
Storage unit auctions have a rule which states you must empty and clean out the unit within 24-48 hours. It is common for newcomers to purchase a huge unit and have no idea how big the cleaning job is. If the unit contains lots of furniture and electrical equipment, it could be an extremely tough job. When buying your first storage unit, opt for a small one to get a feel for the task at hand.

No Sales Strategy
The purpose of buying a storage unit is to sell the contents and make a profit. This means you need to have a plan whether it is a garage sale or else you have a willing buyer. If you wish to enter the PODS unit auction circuit on a full-time basis, you need plenty of cash in hand which means you must become proficient when it comes to selling units.

Lack of Supplies
Some bargain hunters turn up at a auctions, make a purchase and then realize that they don’t have basic equipment like a flashlight. The unit you purchase will not have a light so how do you plan to clean it? If you want to clean it immediately, you’ll need a truck, broom, mop, gloves, goggles and a variety of cleaning tools. It is also a good idea to have several padlocks on your person to secure the unit should you decide to leave.

Relying on Luck
Don’t attend a storage auction expecting to find hidden treasure. Most units have common household furniture and appliances so if you bid extra in the hope of finding bonus goods, your bank balance will not survive many auctions.

Experienced bargain hunters can find fantastic goods at a PODS auction but you need to be patient and gain experience if you want to thrive in what is a difficult industry.

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