PODS Restrictions: What You Can’t Store or Transport

One of the great things about Portable on Demand Storage (PODS) is that the whole process is so easy and flexible. Regardless of whether you are looking to store goods for a certain length of time or else you wish to haul your personal possessions cross-country, PODS can do it all and most businesses are reasonably relaxed when it comes to restrictions. However, you have to respect the fact that these are companies that need to remove a certain element of risk from their service. Therefore, reputable moving and storage companies will have certain rules and will not carry a set list of items which is about to be outlined.

Hazardous Materials
This is basic common sense. For PODS, ‘hazardous materials’ relates to items that are flammable, combustible or otherwise a potential threat to their safety and includes fire extinguishers, fertilizer, ammonia, solvents, gasoline and propane tanks, fireworks, lighters, pesticides, poisons and car batteries. Clearly, storing any of the above items is not only a risk to your own possessions, it would also be a risk to the storage units of other customers and portable storage companies have a duty of care to their consumers. Likewise, no driver would ever agree to drive a truck filled with flammable or combustible items for obvious reasons!

Animal Products, Plants & Animals
Believe it or not, there are people that store animals in a facility in the belief that the animal in question would be safe! If you try to sneak an animal into a self storage facility, you could be prosecuted, fined and even jailed for cruelty to animals. Animal products can’t be stored on the grounds that they will attract vermin and lead to potential disease. Likewise, plants and flowers are a magnet for pests and will not be transported or stored by any sensible company.

Passengers in Trucks
No reputable moving company will ever agree to transport a passenger as this leads to all sorts of problems with insurance in the event of an accident. Use common sense and arrange for alternative transport.

Irreplaceable Items
There are some portable storage companies that will carry irreplaceable items such as deeds, stocks, files, cell phones, school records, keys, computer discs, airline tickets and cash but you will be transporting these goods at your own risk. Few moving companies are likely to place themselves in a position where extremely valuable items are in danger so bear this in mind before considering transportation. Even the best moving companies have occasional mishaps so try not to transport anything that can’t be easily replaced.

It’s the same situation with self storage. Some companies allow you to store valuables but will ask for insurance or impose certain restrictions while accepting limited liability for any eventual loss.

The bottom line is that PODS is a convenient method of moving and storing everyday items. If you have valuable, fragile or living items to be transported or stored, you will have to make your own provisions. Just be reasonable and sensible towards these companies and you will find that they reciprocate this treatment.

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