Pods Moving and Storage Review

Moving, remodeling, and redecorating are easier tasks to complete with the help of PODS. Serving as a personal, portable storage area, PODS have revolutionized previously complex tasks, like cross-country relocation. Multiple factors contribute to the widespread use of PODS, including convenience and peace of mind. While not the least expensive moving option, PODS containers provide the undeniable benefit of a worry-free relocation. Our review of PODS is meant to help you decide if they’re the right company for you.

The Purpose of PODS

Relocating a home or business to another state requires careful planning. From packing and boxing items to shipping or transporting them, the process can quickly develop into a costly nightmare. In an effort to solve this problem, PODS were created. Acting as movable storage units, PODS are delivered to your location and serve as on-site walk-in storage for your items. Instead of renting a moving truck, paying for gas, and worrying about property damage during a long journey, a packed storage unit is shipped to your destination and securely stored until ready to be unloaded.

Available Options

With three sizes to choose from, PODS are a storage option scalable with your needs. If moving a small office, the 7-foot container is ideal, whereas packing and shipping the contents of a large house may require the largest size, which is 16 feet deep. Unlike other moving options, PODS can be shipped to and from Canada, Australia, and the UK. However, the mid-size 12-foot option is available for local moves only.

Security and Insurance

PODS, secured with a steel frame and aluminum panels, are able to be locked when stored on your property. Otherwise, the PODS company has secure storage facilities located around the US, UK, Canada and Australia. For added peace of mind, PODS offers insurance for your items and the container in the event of vandalism, theft, or severe weather conditions. It’s important to note that PODS insurance does not include damage that may have been caused by the renter, such as improper stacking of items, nor will it cover certain valuables, like money, jewelry, or computers.


Compared to navigating in and out of a cramped moving truck, PODS are much easier to use. With the accessibility of a walk-in closet, PODS are low to the ground and spacious. Unlike smaller storage units, there is room for more than one person to work within the storage container at the same time. The ceiling of each PODS container is comprised of a durable translucent polymer, allowing natural sunlight to shine through in the daytime while retaining water resistance.

PODS Pricing

Unfortunately, the cost of a PODS unit is not as clear-cut as that of other storage options. Because the need for PODS varies, the price is difficult to determine. Short-term, local use of PODS may be only a few hundred dollars, while moving one-way to another state can cost more than a thousand. When determining price, PODS reviews the following factors.

  • Distance – When renting a PODS container, moving out of state or to Canada will incur higher costs than local moves.
  • Size – At 7 feet deep, the smallest PODS container is the company’s least expensive option, while ordering larger sizes or multiple units will add to the total cost.
  • Timeline – As with most other moving companies, waiting until the last minute will cost you. Providing short notice or needing a “rush” order of a PODS container is more expensive than planning well in advance, particularly during busy moving seasons.
  • Duration – Whether you need PODS for a week or six months, the duration weighs heavily on the final price. When PODS’ secure storage is needed in addition to the unit rental, the price may also increase.

Additional Fees

Other than the factors listed above, there are additional fees to be aware of before renting a PODS container. First, if you plan to get insurance for the container, the cost of the coverage is in addition to the price quoted. According to PODS, renters’ and homeowners’ insurance does not cover damage to your property or the container. Next, having the PODS container on your residence’s property may incur other fees. Outside of service-related fees, renters will need to consult with property owners to gain permission to store the unit on the property. In some areas, an additional fee may be charged by the property owner.

Best Uses for PODS

While PODS can make any moving project simpler, it is generally agreed that PODS are a particularly beneficial moving method when you’re in one of these three situations.

  • Long distance relocation – Moving from state to state or from the US to Canada can be extremely costly and time consuming. Between moving trucks, plane tickets, storage units and navigating uncharted territory, there’s a lot that can go wrong. With PODS, moving items becomes convenient, quick, and care-free.
  • Slow moving processes – Sometimes moving takes longer than a few days. In the case of a large house or office building, a week or more may be needed simply to pack. When you rent a moving truck, the daily fees, mileage and gas expenses add up rapidly. Instead, PODS storage containers remain in one place for as long as you need them.
  • Remodeling and redecorating – When in the process of remodeling or redecorating, finding a place to put your furniture and belongings can be challenging. As always, there’s the option of getting a truck and transporting items to off-site storage, but it isn’t the most efficient way to cope with the situation. With PODS, you receive secure, on-site storage usually no more than a few feet from your home or office.

An ideal solution for homeowners, property owners, and business owners, PODS add simplicity to the moving process.

The Pros and Cons of PODS

As a hassle-free moving option, PODS beat the alternative nearly every time. Renting and storing PODS puts control of the moving process back in the hands of the customer. Between on-site PODS and secure storage, the process of moving is simplified greatly with portable storage containers. Add to these benefits the company’s much-applauded high level of customer service, and the idea of moving “the old way” simply doesn’t make sense.

However, the price of PODS is one of the largest drawbacks for many customers, particularly for those in need of a short-term moving option. With rates starting at more than $100 per rental, PODS are significantly more expensive than renting your favorite orange moving truck for a day or two. On top of these costs, the additional fees and insurance do not appeal to some. While PODS are applauded for their simplicity and convenience, the lack of in-unit climate control makes moving slightly more unpleasant, particularly in the warmer months.


Though they can be pricey, PODS are a life saver when the top priority is a safe and stress-free move. As a scalable moving solution, PODS can be rented and stored by unit, guaranteeing enough space to move everything from small apartments to entire office buildings. With PODS’ delivery and pick-up services, there’s never a need to wonder how you’ll be able to transport all your items at once. Overall, PODS are a wise investment for those who enjoy a pain-free moving and storage experience. With the freedom to extend the time needed to pack and unpack, there’s no need to rush when getting accustomed to a new home or business.


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