PODS Moving and Storage Became Iconic Before Hitting 2 Million Milestone

PODS, those stand-out white storage boxes with the blocky red logo on the side, delivered its two millionth container this summer. The company made a special occasion of the milestone and provided free storage — and a move — to a lucky customer in Florida.

How long did it take PODS to dispatch such a mind-boggling number of containers? A mere 14 years. The company, which changed the nature of the moving and storage industry by introducing the portable containers, is still young.

As George Spowart, chief marketing officer of PODS, explains in a press release, PODS began a revolution, making it more convenient for Americans to move their stuff and/or store it as needed.

Residential and commercial customers no longer were at the mercy of daily truck rental fees or multiple handlings of possessions by full-service movers. This new way of moving and storing revolutionized an industry.

Over the years, PODS have evolved into an iconic brand. Back in 2009, PODS were used by Oprah Winfrey in a show dubbed, “Oprah’s ‘What Can You Live Without?’ Experiment.” The show urged families to go into their rooms and garages and to unclutter their lives by getting rid of stuff they were no longer using in order to appreciate the good things more and to make space for growth.

PODS were employed to store and move the many items that people donated to Community Clothes Closet, a Wisconsin non-profit, as part of the show.

If you choose PODS to move or store your stuff, use our PODS promotional code and you’ll save 5% off monthly storage fees.

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