Pack a Portable Storage Unit for Your Next Move or Storage Needs

Maybe it’s because you need to de-clutter your home in preparation of a sale or perhaps you need to rearrange furniture and other bulky items for renovations.  What do these scenarios have in common? They all require space, which most homes do not have enough of. That’s where a portable storage containers can come to the rescue.

A portable storage container (PODS, 1-800-Pack-Rat, etc) is a spacious, walk-in unit that is delivered to your home for outside storage. Rather than packing and transporting items to a self-storage facility, the container conveniently allows you to temporarily store your belongings right outside of your home. There are several advantages to using a storage unit.
•    Pack and unpack on your schedule. You are able to set your own timetable and hours as to when you can move items in or out of the container. There are no time limitations.
•    No transportation issues. There is never a need to rent a moving truck or hire a mover. The company will deliver the container and place it in a convenient area outside of your home, usually the driveway, and then deliver the unit to the location you are moving to.
•    Containers are weather resistant and secure. Your belongings will be safe from theft since only you will have the key. Additionally, containers are constructed to be durable and resistant to water.
•    Flexibility in size. There are three sizes to choose from so that you can select the most appropriate unit for your needs. Why pay for a large container when you only have half of the items to store?

Before deciding on using these portable storage units, you should consider other factors that are involved. For example, will you be able to physically pack, load, and unload the items yourself? Additionally, it is important that you compare the prices of delivery and storage fees as these may add up.

Read portable storage reviews to see which company is best for your needs.

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