Out of Garage Space? Five Tips for Storing Your Grown Up Toys

Out of Garage Space, Five Tips for Storing Your Grown Up ToysModern homes usually feature large garages, but it’s amazing how fast the space is eaten up. If you have a workshop filled with grown-up toys, then it doesn’t take long to say farewell to extra space and to start feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff. Before you know it, you might be struggling to get your car into the garage. Here are a few ways you can protect your grown-up toys as the garage fills up and space is in short supply.

Make Better Use of Space

Even older garages often have a fair amount of headroom. Take advantage of this space by going with vertical storage options. Special hanging racks are perfect for bins of holiday decorations, and you can find ceiling mounts for bikes and other seasonal items. As you open up space on the floor and shelves, you’ll have more room for the items that you use more frequently.

Go with Cabinets

Protect your valuable tools or grown-up toys by moving them into cabinets. With the doors closed, your valuables will be better protected from car exhaust and dust in general. You can also lock the cabinets to secure everything from your kids and ensure that people walking by on the street don’t see your belongings. Cabinets are also wonderful for organization since you can group like items together.

Consider Off-Site Storage

You may not have the yard space for a shed, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without. Off-site storage sheds provide a great way to store those items you don’t use very often. You can visit sites like www.daffodilstorage.com to find the right unit size and make a reservation. Storage sheds are ideal for seasonal items, decorations and larger tools that you may not use on a regular basis. Everything will be protected and secured, and you’ll have space in the garage for the things you really love. You can also choose climate-controlled and indoor storage units for those special items.

Roll it Out with Drawers

In addition to adding storage shelves and bins, you can also protect your favorite items by putting them in drawers. Just as tool boxes have drawers that are made to cradle and organize hand tools, you can choose larger drawers that are just the right size for your remote control gizmos, bike accessories and other prized possessions.

Get a Lift

If your grown-up toy is on four wheels, then consider going with a lift. Hydraulic lifts aren’t just for automotive shops. You can install one in your home garage to raise your classic car or your four-wheeler. With the car up out of the kids’ reach, you won’t have to worry about them scratching it.

These common storage questions apply to garages of all sizes. Even a large garage can benefit from these storage tips to make it more functional and keep it neat. If you’re struggling with a small space, then use these tips to improve your storage options and keep the garage in proper order.

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