Need To Move Some Furniture? 6 Tips To Make It Happen Quick

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Renovating Your Family RoomIf you’re moving, you know what a pain it can be. Literally–moving heavy items can cause severe back pain or injury. You could also injure your legs or feet, or strain your wrists, arms, or shoulders. Here are some ways to speed up your move and keep from getting injured moving heavy things.

1. Use slider pads
These nifty little devices help you slide heavy pieces of furniture across the floor without straining yourself. Usually made out of felt or cloth, the pads stick to the bottom of the item and stay out of sight, but reduce friction when sliding across the floor. Bonus? You avoid damaging your floors by dragging the legs on them.

2. Use arm straps
Another great device to use is arm straps. These loop around the legs of your furniture and around your forearms, using leverage to more easily move them without hurting your back, shoulders, or arms. These are used when you have another person to help you move. They’re cheap and last forever, too.

3. Hire a pro
While you can probably use a little sweat and strength to move most of your items yourself, it’s not a bad idea to hire a pro for the really heavy or bulky stuff. These guys do this daily, so they can move all your heavy furniture in the time it takes you and your buddy to do one couch. You can do all the rest yourself, but hiring a pro to handle the heavy stuff is worth the money. Kenol Express is a great example of a mover in Montreal that can help you move your stuff quickly, and on a budget.

4. Use a low-clearance truck
Trucks with lower openings and built-in ramps make it easier to get your furniture off the truck. The ramp means less risk of falling when carrying heavy items, and the lower clearance allows you to move things off the truck without bending your back too much.

5. Use a dolly
These little vehicles are great for using leverage and wheels to move heavy items. They can even be used to move several boxes at a time. They’re huge time-savers, and you can rent them from the same place you get your truck.

6. Plan ahead
If you know where all your furniture is going to go, your move will go much more smoothly. You can place all your heavy items where they’ll go once and not mess with them again. The same goes for your boxes and such. Keep them out of the way until the furniture is in place.

Moving can be exciting and fun, but it can also be a pain in the neck (literally). If you plan ahead and use these tools and tips, you can make your move as easy as possible and enjoy your new place sooner than you thought.

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