Everyone knows that in order to move you will usually need a bunch of boxes to put your stuff into and then a large moving truck to haul your stuff to your new home. However, there are several items that many people do not think about getting until it is too late. These items are a definite must have for any move and should be included if you are getting ready to move.

The first must have item that you will want to be sure to get for your next move is a hand truck, or a dolly. This little time saver will not only help you load everything from boxes to furniture, but it will also save you a tremendous amount of heavy lifting and save you back in the process.

Another often overlooked item that is a must have is old blankets. These are extremely important to use when you are moving as you can use them to pad the things you put in the moving truck that you don’t want to see get damaged. For example, you can wrap your dresser mirror in one of these old blankets and protect the glass during the move. You can also use an old blanket on top of your dress so you can then stack things on top without having to worry about scratching the dresser itself.

Lastly, you should get a few large plastic bins for your next move. These are great to have as it seems no matter how well you pack before hand, there is always some things that get missed and then just thorn in the truck loosely. Instead, you can simply toss the odds and ends you find in one of the plastic bins and sort it all out when you get to your new home.