Whether you’re moving yourself into self storage or using portable storage units like PODS, there’s a lot to get done — and there’s a lot that’s easy to forget. Here’s a few parts of your move you might not have thought to put on your list.

•    Ditch the gas. Before you load things like lawnmowers, weed trimmers, snowblowers or gas-powered tools, make sure you’ve drained the fuel into an approved, tightly-sealed container.
•    Back up your data. Any time you move a computer — whether laptop, desktop or tablet — you run at least a small risk of losing whatever you have stored on it. Before moving, backup your important data to a removable drive or “cloud” storage, just to be on the safe side.
•    Call the cable guy. It’s a good idea to let the cable company know you won’t be needing their service in your old location any more, and really you should call everybody — utility companies, banks, schools, and anyone who regularly delivers things to your old home. Let your friends and family know where you’re headed, too.
•    Call the IRS. Actually, you can just fill out a change of address form (Form 8822) to let the tax man know. And while you’re at it, keep track of every penny you spend moving — it’s probably tax deductible (Form 3903).
•    Pack yourself a bag, too. Packing up your whole life into a truck or portable storage unit means, well, your whole life is in there. That means it’s also a near-certainty that your toothbrush/medication/wallet etc. is in the bottom of the box all the way in the back. Pack a small suitcase with the essentials for however long your move might take. If you’re moving with children, pack bags for them, too — and don’t forget snacks!

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