Moving With PODS

PODS containers have been around for quite some time now. People use these PODS for a number of reasons and the two most common are to move and for storage.  PODS stands for Portable On-Demand Storage.  These are metal moving systems that are dropped off and when you are ready they are picked up and moved to your new location. If you are just using them for storage then you just call when you are ready to have the PODS unit removed.  To keep things simple it is a storage unit and moving truck all in one. The nice thing is that the PODS container is dropped off to you and you can take your time packing and filling it. When you have a moving truck things are just packed in. With the ease of the PODS you can pack things so that you will know how they will come out of the PODS at the new destination.

Once at the new destination there is no rush having to unpack. As you take the contents out of the POD it makes it easier because you will know where you want things.  The days of having to race to have the truck emptied are no longer. Having the PODS on hand allows for a much easier unloading and getting into your new house.

PODS offer many others positives that we wouldn’t normally think of right away. The PODS are at ground level so it makes it much easier and faster to load and unload. No ramps to have to be trying to pull furniture and belongings up and down.

PODS eliminate having to drive a moving truck yourself from one destination to another. Load up the PODS and your stuff is ready to go. No worrying about having to maneuver a big truck.

When you get a POD you are the only one to have a key. This is secure and only you will be the one with access to your belongings. No worrying about your personal belongings being in the back of a moving truck and someone else being able to view your belongings.

PODS are a very cost effective way to move and store your things. Hiring a large moving company is something that many just cannot afford. By the time they were to pay a moving company they wouldn’t be able to afford the move. PODS come in varying sizes so there is no having to overpay for room that you will not be using.


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