Moving Tips and Checklists: A New Type of Moving Checklist

Haven’t found the best way to move?  You could follow “mainstream” advice, moving items based on the room – or you could switch things up a bit.  For many individuals, it is exactly what the doctor ordered.

There is a new type of moving checklist, which is built around convenience.  Instead of grouping items by room, try ordering them on how they are used.  In other words, which items will you need right away?  You could try packing items based on urgency, grouping those that are needed immediately, in the middle, and the items that won’t be needed for some time.

For instance, take the items that go into your living room.  Highly-used devices, such as media players and speakers, along with art, would easily be in a more urgent box.  However, what about your comprehensive DVD collection?  That could be grouped together with lesser office documents, photo albums, and similar items from other rooms that aren’t a big priority.

Consider how you will pack and unpack prior to moving.  Perhaps you need a new type of moving checklist, one that can provide minimal frustration as you pass the two, three, four, and furthermore week periods.
Do the same with your children.  While sports cards, picture albums, and some books may not be a priority, commonly-used toys, school materials, and other staples could be packed together.  This packing philosophy works in many situations – from important pots and pans in the kitchen to soap and shower essentials in the bathroom.  Leave the guest towels and the rest for later.

While you’re planning your packing and unpacking strategy, make sure you have enough storage for your items.  Contact us for help locating self storage units.

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