Moving Storage Practical Tips

Moving is a hectic and complicated endeavour that requires a lot of concentration, planning and more. As the day comes around you may need to prepare some of what you own for storage as the items you possess might be a bit too much for your new home’s space. Regardless of the reasons you will need to organize things early so you won’t have to deal with last-minute solutions to your problems. Here we aim to give you some tips on what you can do to get you started:

1.    Decide on the type of storage unit
You literally have three options here among which to choose on how to accommodate your storage needs.

•    Portable storage units or also mobile units are basically large containers which the storage or moving company will leave outside your home. You can then proceed to load in your belongings as you see fit. You must however consider how long you’ll need to work so you can load everything up as they won’t be able to keep the container there for too long. Storage companies are busy and their units are in high demand.

•    Self-storage units offer a different approach – they are static and immobile. In this case you are responsible for driving all your belongings to the storage site where they will be loaded into their storage unit. You must have a nice moving vehicle for that task so you can handle all the large pieces of furniture you might have. Moving and storage companies will often provide you with transport if that is the case at affordable prices.

•    Storage with a friend is pretty much the cheapest but also the least viable option. After all this is someone’s home and they might need the space for other purposes plus storage companies offer insurance that covers your belongings that this option will obviously never have.

2.    Preparation
You will need to begin the storage process early so you can keep up with the demands of the move. If you have the funds for that you can hire professional packers that specialize in such tasks who will get the job done promptly and accurately. For the most part what you need to do is to set up a central packing area where you’ll be able to work without a hitch with enough space. Create an inventory list and don’t forget to label every box accordingly so you can unpack them in a more efficient way later down the line.

3.    Unpacking
Once you have moved everything out of storage when the move is completed you will need to unpack everything right away. Leniency in this will only prolong the agony of having to deal with boxes all over the place for weeks. You will need to start in small steps by moving in the most necessary things at first until you can see what you can accommodate as space. Make sure you keep in touch with the storage facility team for any additional information. Something else you might do before the move is to set up a floor plan that will give you a clear idea of what you can move in and what has to be given away or sold. Measure all your furniture as it is the largest of what you own and make a plan by examining the layout of the new home.

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