Moving In Together? 4 Ideas To Deal With Your Extra Stuff

Moving In TogetherMoving in with anyone is a major step in and can put a serious strain on the relationship. Whether it is a college roommate or a couple looking to become more serious, one of the major hassles is finding out what to do with all of the extra belongings. Instead of letting a few extra items put a strain on these already precarious situations, here are four ideas to make this transition as easy as possible.


1. Go Through Essentials Together


The first task at hand is to take a long look at the essentials ranging from kitchen appliances to cleaning supplies. These types of items can take up box after box, and some of the items may be impractical or even unsafe to store for long periods. Before moving in, the two housemates should walk through the house so they can decide what needs to be purchased, what they have one of, and what smaller items they have extras of that do not need to be stored or sold.


2. Choose a Layout before the Big Day


Arriving to the house on the day of the move with truckloads of large items can be disastrous. Not only will it put a strain on the people moving in, it could also take up the time of any moving companies or friends that are helping out. Just as with smaller items, the two parties should go through the house and come up with the d├ęcor and layout of the rooms beforehand.


3. Store Valuable Items the Right Way


No matter how much space a new place might have, there will always be a need to store at least a few important items. These can range from cherished family photos to expensive electronics, and damage could take place if they are left in a humid attic or sweltering garage. With affordable storage units in Jackson, both housemates can be sure that any items not being used immediately will be safe for the time being.


4. Creating Designated Areas for Each Housemate


No matter how compatible roommates or housemates may be, there will always come a time when disagreements take place. This is why it is often best to designate areas for each person to do with as they will. While a separate room is ideal, even just an entertainment center or the layout of the furniture could get the pair off on the right foot.

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