Moving Day Is Here! Five Tips to Make Moving Easier on the Whole Family


Moving- 5 Tips To Make Moving A Stress Free ExperienceThere’s no way around it: Moving can be stressful. Don’t let poor planning and aggravation spoil this experience for your family. Here are five ways to make the process easier on everyone.

Create a Timeline

There’s a lot to do in order to relocate an entire household; planning ahead is imperative. Create a timeline to keep you from becoming overwhelmed at the last minute or forgetting important tasks. Schedule everything from packing to cleaning to changing subscriptions and service providers, then stick to your plan.

Involve Everyone

Get the whole family involved in preparations for your move to spread some of the workload around and help everyone get excited about relocating. Older kids can pack their own clothes and books; younger children can box stuffed animals or toys. Assign each family member a task or a room to pack and make the move a real team effort.

Pack with a Plan

Throwing things into boxes willy-nilly is one way to cut packing time in half, but what you gain in packing you’ll lose in unpacking as you try to settle into your new home. Group like items, label boxes carefully, and be sure you’ll have easy access to the things you’ll need immediately. Use a color-coding system or place detailed labels on each box, and create an inventory sheet to keep track of boxes and their contents.

Know When to Delegate

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or your schedule is just too tight to allow you to finish everything on your own, don’t panic. Know when to call for reinforcements, whether it’s cashing in favors with friends and relatives or consulting a professional moving company. can be a great resource whether your move is local, long-distance or even international.

Research Your Destination

Know as much as possible about your new hometown before you arrive to make for an easier transition. Enroll kids in school and activities, learn about your neighborhood’s waste collection policies, and arrange for things like Internet and television services to be set up as soon as possible. Have other family members help; ask older kids to plan family outings to check out the local sights or have your spouse research area date-night options.


Make your move a positive experience for the whole family with careful planning and organization. Following the tips above will have you settling into your new home—and your new life—in no time.

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