Moving Cross-Country: The Portable Storage Alternative

​As exciting as the prospect of moving to a new location can be, the actual act of moving is rarely an enjoyable experience.  There are a variety of ways to plan and prepare for a big move and it’s not a bad idea to weigh your options well in advance to minimize on complications and headaches.  When planning to make a move across the country, it’s especially important to come up with a game plan for getting your belongings safely from point A to point B.  With the amount of belongings that typically must be packed and moved, making multiple trips cross-country is usually not a viable option.  On the other hand, hiring a moving company to make the trek with you can be too costly and inefficient.  Take some time to look at what your options are before making any final decisions or commitments.

In the case of moving cross country, carting your belongings all at once can be a logistical nightmare.   Whether you are moving for work or simply to a desired locale, chances are that the majority of your belongings won’t be necessary until long after you’ve settled in to your new home.  If this is the case, why should you have to put the same attention to the many belongings you’ve accumulated over the years?  Most home garages across the country are filled with items like seasonal clothing and decorations, sports equipment, car parts, and books that won’t be needed until specific future times.  In fact, for some families, these extra possessions create a need for making multiple moving trips which, for a long distance move, can be a totally unrealistic and costly proposition. 

One excellent solution that has become available is the portable storage unit by 1-800-PACK-RAT.  With a portable storage unit, it’s possible to store non-essential or superfluous items for an extended period of time while moving the essentials, such as furniture, cooking ware, appliances, and so on.  When taking advantage of a portable storage unit during a big move, it frees up a great deal of time to deal with the actual logistics of moving as opposed to keeping track of crates of belongings.   It’s also a fairly simple process to get started on, once you’ve decided to go with a portable storage unit.  Basically, after having a unit delivered to your home and it has been filled with your extra belongings, the storage company will take the unit back to a safe and secure location until it is time to bring it to your new property.  It’s also surprisingly affordable and movers will be surprised to find a portable storage unit solution available for just about any budget.  Furthermore, if making multiple trips across the country was something that you’d even considered as a possibility, the use of a portable storage unit will not only make your move much more convenient but much more cost effective.

There are a variety of potential uses for portable storage units beyond moving.  Even after you’ve settled in to your new place, you may find it handy to use a portable storage unit hand for removing clutter before spring cleaning or hosting a party.  They have also been put to great use during renovations to prevent damage to belongings, and for salvage use to prevent water damage after a flood or fire.

The best way to prepare for an upcoming move, big or small, is to plan it in advance.  Do a little bit of surfing online for moving tips like these and try to determine what your best course of action will be.  Taking advantage of portable storage units can save you time, money, and headaches.

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