Moving a Car to a Different State

There are lots of challenges when moving to a different state and moving a car is one of the biggest ones. It would be nice if each and every state all had the same regulations, but it varies in each and every state. This means you will need to investigate the particular rules of your new state before making the move. Luckily, with the internet makes it easier than ever to find out the rules well in advanced before you move. On all state department of motor vehicles you can find a section dedicated to letting new residents know what they need to know before moving into the state.

Some of the major differences can mean the difference between a huge ticket or fine, so it is good to investigate beforehand what exactly rules you ‘ll be dealing with. Where many states differ are in three major areas: inspections, insurance, and registration.

Inspection Issues when Moving 

Every state has different stands for inspections. When mechanics look in the car they are required to check for certain things. In some state the list of things is a lot longer than others. One costly items that some states have that others done are emissions tests. Updating a car to meet the emissions requirements is something that can cost hundreds of dollars, so one thing you may want to budget for is updating your car to your new state’s inspections if you know the state has strict inspection rules. It may even be a good idea to take care of this before you move which is something that all mechanics can address beforehand.

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Insurance Issues when Moving 

Every single state requires that a drive has an insurance if they own any car. The problem is that each state has different amounts of baseline coverage. For example, some states require drivers to have $25,000 in property damage while other states require a mere $6,000. Check with an insurance agent AND do background research to see around how much more or less insurance may cost you in a different state.

Registration Issues when Moving 

As we all know within a certain amount of time we have to get to the DMV to register our car and get a license which is a major inconvenience when is trying to settle in, but it is just one of the facts of adulthood that there is no getting around. The problem is that in each state the amount of time you have varies anywhere from the day that you move in to 60 days. Failure to register a vehicle is an extremely common ticket, so save yourself some time by finding out how long you exactly have. We all hate the DMV, but you’ve got to deal with at some point!


Moving to a new state is filled with new challenges, but informing yourself helps you avoid unwanted tickets and fines. Before you know it, all of this DMV nonsense will be over with until it is time to renew or move again!







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