Moving 101: 6 Pointers On Organization, Packing, & Moving

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Staying organized is not something that everyone does naturally when moving. Coordinating every part of a move at the same time can become confusing. There are ways to stay organized and make the move more efficient. Six pointers will help with organization, packing and moving.

Moving 101- 6 Pointers On Organization, Packing, & Moving

Keep a Central Checklist

Keeping one central checklist will make moving and staying organized easier. The list should itemize every task necessary for the move. It should have confirmation numbers, dates and phone numbers. Keeping all moving information in a single place will make it impossible to forget something important.


Number All Boxes

Every box that is packed should be numbered clearly on the outside. The exact contents of each box should be kept with the central checklist or in another notebook. Numbering every box makes it easier to see what has been packed. It also makes unpacking essential items simple in the new home or apartment.


Pack Boxes Tightly

All boxes need to be packed tightly before being sealed shut with tape. The spaces between the items in the box should be filled with some packaging material. This could be newspaper, bubble wrap or packing peanuts. The space between items and box walls should be filled as well. Filling empty spaces will prevent damage while moving the boxes.


Use the Right Moving Equipment

Using the right equipment will prevent injuries and make the move go faster. One item to rent, borrow or purchase is a hand truck. Hand trucks make moving furniture and stacks of boxes simple. A dolly can also be helpful. Dollies make it possible to move very large or heavy items a long distance with little effort.

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Rent a Storage Unit

A storage unit can help to keep everything organized. Storage units make it unnecessary to continually shuffle items between rooms. Renting a unit from Extra Space Storage in Bronx or wherever you are moving gives your family the room to store valuables, organize boxes or collect items for a final yard sale. The storage unit can even be used to hold items that are not being moved until much later.


Protect Furniture with Blankets and Linens

The final pointer is to protect furniture with blankets and linens. Heavy blankets, towels or sheets can be taped around the edges and surfaces of furniture. These blankets will stop door frames, boxes or even hand trucks from causing damage to the furniture.


Nothing should be left to chance or memory when moving. Renting a storage unit, maintaining a checklist and numbering boxes all contribute to a better-organized move where nothing will be forgotten. This ensures the family can get unpacked and back to normal as quickly as possible after the move.

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